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What Attracts Ants Inside My Home?

You wouldn’t want ants anywhere near your home. If you’re constantly battling infestations of ants in your garden, bathroom, and kitchen, you’ll want to call an expert in ant control in West Palm Beach to keep these pests at bay.

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What Makes Ants Want to Get Into Your Home?


Since ants are known for their keen sense of smell, they can track down potential food sources. Moreover, most ant species have a sweet tooth that compels them to nibble on sugary treats. For this reason, they won’t hesitate to feast on over-ripe fruit, bread, sweet baked goods, and spilled drops of fruit juices, syrup, honey, or soda.

Don’t be surprised to find a highway of ants running directly toward bits of meat, eggs, cheese, butter, pet food, nuts, and greasy cooking spills. Besides having a penchant for sugar, protein, and fat, these creatures feed on other insects, whether dead or alive.

Some of the best ways to avoid an ant infestation include taking out the trash regularly, cleaning up spills promptly, rinsing dirty dishes before putting them into the sink, sealing food storage containers, and cleaning pet food bowls.


While ants need a steady supply of moisture to hydrate themselves, they must also carry water back to their colonies for later use. For these reasons, you may spot ants inside your dishwasher or up your bathtub drain. They may also build nests in damaged, wet wood or set up a colony in a damp garage or basement when it’s difficult to find moisture outdoors.

You’ll want to fix leaks immediately, ensure good ventilation in your bathroom, run a dehumidifier in your basement, and avoid leaving damp clothing or wet towels sitting for too long. If you find ants in your potted plants, try treating the soil with insecticide or cover the soil with diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth may be harmless to people, pets, and pollinators, but it’s deadly to ants.

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