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Imagine having pests in your home and crawling on your bed or getting in your food. It’s not a pretty picture, is it? As your leading pest control in Delray Beach, our team is committed to getting you the solution you need! Get the best control for your home!

Bed Bugs

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Regardless of living in rural areas or the city, pests can harbor anytime and anywhere in your home. Bed bugs thrive in mattresses, baseboards, upholstery and other areas where humans make regular contact with on a daily basis.

They are also considered ectoparasites, where they release compounds from their heads to maintain the flow of blood dilation.They are known for carrying MRSA, an antibiotic form of Staph.

Bed Bug Facts:

  • Bed bugs can survive several months without feeding on blood

  • Most active during nighttime periods

  • Their bites are not medically alarming, but hey can leave red welts on the hands, face, neck, and arms

  • Resistant to most pesticides, making it more challenging to keep them at bay

As your leading pest control in Delray Beach, we ensure that you are getting the best bed bug treatment you need. We always check in between any crevices and complete a thorough search so we can determine the location of the bed bugs. Our team always provides extensive treatment so you can get the relief you need!


Whiteflies thrive on greenery inside greenhouses or around your home. They may not seem bothersome, but it does create a nuisance since they are very resistant to most pesticides. Whiteflies like to harbor under leaves, typically traveling in hordes together—instead of alone.

This is where we come in and eliminate whiteflies as soon as possible. We are pleased to use the following control methods you won’t be able to find anywhere else:

  • Safer® Soap

  • Horticultural oils

  • Yellow sticky traps

  • Aluminum reflective mulch

Something to keep in mind is that whiteflies can harvest larvae on the underside of leaves. So, that means that whiteflies can be challenging to control because the population keeps getting larger and larger. That’s why the best pest control in Delray Beach is dedicated to getting you the whitefly control you need.


Are your spiders your biggest fear? We know the importance of keeping spiders away so your family can sleep soundly again. Although spiders are beneficial to the surrounding environment, it might not be the most beneficial inside of your home.

If you were not aware, spiders can get in the home due to cracks in the windows, doors, as they are searching for food. Spiders are attracted to warmth and can infest plants, attics and clothing.

Should I Be Concerned About Spiders?

As a pest control in Delray Beach, we are committed to eliminating spiders from inside your home or business. The most common spiders are brown recluse and the black widow, respectively. The brown recluse is most commonly found in the Southern U.S. distinguished by tiny hairs.

The black widow is a venomous spider that is characterized by her black abdomen and red underside. Although not typically an invasive species, the black widow can cause medical illness if you are bitten.

How Do We Treat Spiders?

We treat spiders by completing a thorough analysis of your home, giving special attention to any cracks, crevices and around places they thrive the most. A clean sweep of your home and regular removal is our priority. We will treat those areas and return multiple times for treatment until the spiders are completely eradicated from your home. We always ensure that our techniques are always up to date, so we get it right every time.

Our Vision

At O’Hara Pest Control, our goal is to get you professional services you must have for your home. No one should be living with pests of any kind, anytime and anywhere. With the top experts in the business and state-of-the-art equipment, we are dedicated to getting you the pest control you need. The satisfaction of our services are always guaranteed to all customers!

Do You Need Pest Control in Delray Beach?

Our goal is to keep you invested every step of the way so you can get the best treatment for your home. There is nothing short of excellence in everything we do, so your family can be confident walking around home again. Your home is a haven and no pests should be able to infiltrate it after we’ve performed our treatments. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control program!

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