Ant Colonies

There are 12,000 ant species known worldwide but only 40 in the United States.  Ants are among the most challenging pests to control in Florida. Colonies establish themselves in neighborhoods and press into the structures.  Ants enter homes through cracks and crevices. They quickly establish a new colony and begin foraging. Homes make perfect shelters for ants because they have all the resources needed to support colony expansion. Water in sink traps, crumbs, leftover lemonade, dog food left out, and virtually no predators. It usually takes a year or two for outside colonies to build a large enough population to split. Winged males and queens or alates and swarmers take flight to start new colonies. Mature colonies will continue to produce swarmers, as well as workers for support. The Alates start complete colonies inside attics or CBS block and the workers or foragers come in through windows and doors looking for food and water.

Our System

The key to control is prevention. Don’t wait until you have a problem and react because then it’s too late. The key to control is O’Hara Pest Control’s perimeter system. Regular scheduled treatments around the exterior of the structure, by a trained professional safely controls ants and keeps them out. Spider webs will be removed around the home and screened in enclosures during regular services. You will be contacted the day before and 30 minutes before our convenient visits, ensuring that you are ready.

Effects of ant Infestation:

  • Compromised Wood

  • Allergies

  • Nesting Damage

  • Food Contamination

A door hanger will be left on the door showing that the technician has completed the premium service. Indoor visits are scheduled separately and carried out safely by trained techs. No smelly sprays and no danger to pets or people. We guarantee our treatments or your money back!

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