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Keeping your lawn clean and pest-free is important to us. With the best pest control in Boca Raton, we keep your lawn in pristine care. We know the importance of maintaining great lawn care for your home or business.

What is Lawn Care?

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Lawn care is the frequent upkeep of an already established lawn. This can include mowing, fertilization, weed removal, and more. With our experts in pest control in Boca Raton, our years of experience sets us apart from the rest. Remember, regular maintenance for your lawn is crucial, especially during the hottest and rainiest seasons of the year.

Is Lawn Care Beneficial?

There are many benefits of fully realizing lawn care for your home or business including:

  • Eliminating pests

  • Beautiful greenery

  • Regular maintenance

O’Hara Pest Control is committed to getting you the best lawn care services you will enjoy. We have the best experts in the industry, with an experienced and trusted team to back it up. If you are interested in getting essential care for your lawn, look no further than us!

Lawn Fertilization

Our lawn care specialists provide state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to get your lawn in tip-top shape. We are pleased to provide high-quality fertilizer to restore the beauty of your lawn. The fertilizer has micronutrients that automatically adjusts the pH balance of the soil as soon as it is absorbed.

Our fertilizer works for 90 days at a time, which is released based on temperature levels. You will always have consistent results every time. That’s why we are pleased to offer the best fertilization options to get you a greener lawn.

Did you know that the best fertilizers come in different forms? Granular fertilizers are grain-like particles that are expected to last on average, six to nine months.


A natural-based fertilizer focuses on minerals and elements such as iron and potassium to help plants grow healthy and strong.


The organic-based alternative derives from manure and cottonseed meal. The main takeaway of organic fertilizers is their overall composition of non-synthetic ingredients.

Tree Care

Did you know that pest control in Boca Raton does far more than the basics? We take tree care to the next level with our top tree care services including but not limited to:


Pests are known to harbor in trees due to its height and staying hidden from other predators. Soon enough, there will be families of pests that could invade the areas surrounding your home or business. If needed, we will spray insecticide during the times of year they are the most rampant.

Tree fertilizer

Our tree fertilizer methods are renowned for its efficacy and convenience. Depending on the treatment that is needed, we provide two main fertilizers:


Grain-like particles that break down so the plants can absorb the nutrients.


Liquid fertilizer that dilutes in water and absorbs in the soil.

Soil injection

For proper and healthy growth of trees, we recommend regular soil injections. This is performed by the application of water-soluble chemicals so the roots will uptake. By taking the proper measurements, we ensure that you are getting the most desirable injection amount for healthy trees.

Weed Control

Weeds are unruly plants that can grow uncontrollably if not taken care of. Different kinds of pests can make weeds their new home and create issues in the future. That’s why you need an experienced pest control in Boca Raton to keep weeds at bay.

Our control system methods include:


Reduces the amount of open space around your home or business. This control involves adding mulch in this area so weeds will stop growing.


Using herbicides to treat weeds in the event the weeds become invasive.


Significant reduction in weed growth most commonly carried out by digging and regular mowing. We personally use our own equipment to eradicate pests that can hide in weeds.

Since weeds can become a nuisance, we recommend getting regular service to maintain your lawn’s beauty throughout the year. As your leading pest control in Boca Raton, we are proud to provide weed control for homes and businesses alike.

Are You Looking for Pest Control in Boca Raton?

We know the importance of having a beautiful lawn for many years to come. At O’Hara Pest Control, we are committed to getting you the best solution to remove pests in its entirety. As a full-service pest control in Boca Raton, you won’t be able to find better service elsewhere. Contact us today to learn more!

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