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What Makes O’Hara’s Custom Approach Different?

Our Commercial Pest Control Program is guaranteed to protect your high-value asset properties! We offer a simple and unique approach. O’Hara Pest Control can create a custom program based on your pest density and industry. Our problem solvers will come up with a solution that works for you! We know that commercial facilities contain just what pests need to survive.

How Often Does My Space Need Commercial Pest Control?

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Commercial pest control in West Palm Beach has saved many businesses. There are three main factors that affect the frequency of your commercial pest control needs:

  • Foot traffic
  • Presence of food
  • Proximity to the outdoors

Depending on the combination of factors affecting your facility, you might require commercial pest control service either as little as once a year or as often as a bi-weekly basis. To maintain the sanitation standards expected for the food industry, we recommend restaurants schedule our services at least once a month.

Why Does My Commercial Space Have a Pest Problem?

Most businesses store or process food and have plenty of water available to support life. Toilets, drains, and air conditioning runoff are plenty to support a thriving colony. Roaches, rats, and ants take advantage of these situations and set up shop. To remove and prevent these pests from invading, you need O’Hara’s commercial pest control in West Palm Beach.

Are Commercial Pest Problems More Common During Certain Times of the Year?

Unfortunately, your commercial business has to worry about pests year-round because different pests prefer different climates and temperatures. Here in Florida, the hot and humid summer months bring mosquitoes, cockroaches, and ants, while in winter, mammalian pests like rats are more common.


How Much Does Commercial Pest Control Cost?

The price for West Palm Beach commercial pest control will be highly dependent on the size of the commercial venue and frequency of the service. To get a quote, feel free to contact us with information about your needs and concerns!

What Are the Most Effective Pest Control Methods for Commercial Spaces?

As with every aspect of commercial pest control in West Palm Beach, the approach will be specifically designed for the unique needs of each location. However, the methods that have proven to be particularly effective across commercial business have been traps and extensive fumigation. Please keep in mind that there are few better methods of pest control than thorough prevention in the form of regular cleaning.

Why Are Restaurants at Higher Risk for Pests?

Restaurants often require the most extensive commercial pest control due to their cleaning schedules and food residue in the kitchen. Rodents can chew on wires and destroy interiors with their constant chewing and defecation. Roaches can soil wooden cabinets and cause customers to never come back!

How Do We Tackle Commercial Pest Control in West Palm Beach?

Our structural pest control for businesses approach involves a careful inspection of the property, identifying high-risk conditions, pest species, and entry points. Our pest control approach emphasizes prevention. By decreasing resources and access, we decrease the population.

What Are Our Safety Standards?

We use “situational awareness” as part of our investigative process. O’Hara Pest Control’s safety and training is the best in the business. One important aspect of our service that separates us from other companies is our diligence during service and return visits. We schedule enough time to complete each job properly and ensure quality of service. We also test all our products and only stock the ones the most effective. Our service is guaranteed or your money back!

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