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South Florida is riddled with threats to palm trees. As soon as you notice irregular deterioration or discoloration in any of your trees, it’s important to get a professional’s opinion before it’s too late to find a remedy. At O’Hara Pest Control, we are dedicated to keeping the palm trees on your property healthy and protected!

When Is the Best Time to Plant A Palm Tree?

Mature palm trees can be easy to sustain over a long period of time. However, they are tropical plants that thrive in the spring and summer months. When thinking about planting a new palm, consider that the first winter will be the most stressful time and it will therefore require strong, well-established roots. For that reason, spring and early summer is the best time to plant, that will give the new tree several months to establish a strong root system to endure winter.

How Far from My Other Plants Should I Plant a Palm Tree?

When planting, you should first consider what type of palm you have. Most palm trees have a root system that expands 20 to 50 feet in diameter. Palms have no problem competing for water and can often starve out other large plants. If you are planning on planting a new palm, do so at least 30 feet away from large canopy and plants with shallow roots.


Effective Methods of Professional Palm Tree Care in West Palm Beach

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How Do Soil Injections Work?

Soil Injections involve applying water-soluble chemicals close to the roots for proper uptake. Using an applicator, we ensure that your tree is getting the proper nutrients to grow well. Our team will take measurements of the tree and its distance from the ground in order to apply the most suitable amount of chemicals.

What Are the Main Types of Tree Fertilizer?

When palm trees aren’t able to get the necessary nourishment from the soil alone, in these cases, fertilizers can help provide your trees with the nutrients they need to grow healthily. There are two main types of fertilizers used today:



  • Purely liquid concentrate that must be diluted into water

  • Rapidly absorbs into the soil


  • Composed of grain-like, solid particles that break down over time

  • Plants will absorb the nutrients after the granules have broken down

  • Long-lasting

When Are Insecticides Necessary?

Certain insects can burrow their way inside trees and trigger decay or the growth of dangerous molds and fungi. To keep them at bay, our experts can identify which insects will be the most problematic for each season for the most effective application of insecticides.

Sick Palm Tree

Do You Need Palm Tree Care in West Palm Beach?


What Types of Palm Trees Do I Have?

Florida weather lends itself well to growing tropical palm trees. We are all familiar with the towering royal palms which line so many of our streets, but those aren’t the only common palm tree species ubiquitous in the Sunshine State:

Pygmy Date Palm

Pygmy palm trees grow between six and twelve feet in height. They have fine leaves, feathery fronds, and tend to be planted along with two or three other pygmy date palms simultaneously.

Foxtail Palm

These fast-growing palms can reach as high as 30 feet. They owe their name to the fluffy leaves that resemble the tail of a fox.

European Fan Palms

This species of palm tree can grow up to 15 feet tall and spread to ten feet wide. The fronds are fine in texture and held on short trunks, which gives them their characteristically stubby appearance.

Do Palm Trees Need to be Trimmed?

Palm trees do not require regular trimming. As the palm tree grows, the oldest fronds die and become brown and dry, signaling that they should be removed. This process will only be necessary once or twice a year.

How Often Should I Water Palm Trees?

If you’ve planted a new palm tree, you should water it every day for the first week, then every other day in the second week, and finally three times a week going forward. If you’ve inherited an established palm tree, you should only water two to three times per week assuming there’s no regular rainfall.

What Insects Live in Palm Trees?

Palms attract a wide variety of warm-weather insects that feed on the inner parts of the tree. These pests are common targets of professional palm tree care in West Palm Beach:

  • Beetles
  • Weevils
  • Soft and Armored Scales
  • Mites
  • Whiteflies
How Often Do I Need Professional Palm Tree Care in West Palm Beach?

You should only require professional palm tree care in West Palm Beach between two and four times a year for fertilization and trimming. However, insect infestations might require several treatments to eradicate completely.

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