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O’Hara Pest Control’s diligent approach to spider control in West Palm Beach is guaranteed to solve your pest problems. Our technicians will sweep and clean your home, removing all the spider webs and ensuring that your screened-in enclosures look brand new after we are done. O’Hara Pest Control guarantees your spider problems will be solved!

Anatomy of the Spider

Spiders have eight legs which make them arachnids and not insects. Spiders don’t have wings or antenna, and their fangs have openings on the ends through which they inject venom into their prey. Spinnerets are located at the tip end of the abdomen; they are connected to glands from which silk is created for web-making.

What are Spiders’ Preferred Environment?

In most cases, spiders keep outside but they can create unsightly webs all over your home. Some spiders prefer damp places like basements and others like warm dry places like attics. All spiders prefer a dark place to hide in their webbing.

Are Spiders Friends or Foes?

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You might be surprised to know that most spiders pose no danger to you. In fact, certain species can be beneficial in keeping away other common pests, such as whiteflies, roaches, and mosquitoes. However, other species, like the black widow, do have poisonous bites that can be dangerous to children and adults alike. When encountering a spider with an unfamiliar shape, it’s safest to call professional spider control in West Palm Beach.

How do Spiders Get Inside the Home?

Outside spiders tend to stay outside. As with most insects, spiders are attracted to their food source so if you find one inside the house, it’s likely because they found a bountiful hunting ground. Open windows, cracks that lead outdoors, or branches that create an overhang leading to an opening are the most common methods used by spiders to find their way indoors.


What Spiders are Common in West Palm Beach?

As you’d expect, the most common spiders in South Florida are those that thrive in warm and humid climates. The most common include:

Spiny Orb Weaver

These easily recognized spiders are tiny (1/8th to 1/4th inches) and easily recognizable by their oval white shell with rid and black markings. Spiny orb weavers not dangerous and are active year-round, but especially between October and January.  They can be found in citrus groves and woodlands.

Banana Spiders

These are one of the largest American spiders (1/4th to 1-½ inches in length) and have a distinct flat brown and white body. You can find banana spiders year-round, but they are most active at night. Banana spiders are not particularly dangerous, but they do possess a painful bite. They are most commonly found in forests, along trails, and heavy shrubbery.

Southern Black Widow Spider

The black widow is one of the most easily recognizable poisonous spiders, they are roughly 1-1/2” in length and have a distinct jet-black color and red hourglass marking. Black widows are nocturnal hunters most commonly found in dark outdoor secluded areas, indoors they can be found in crawlspaces, basements, and attics. These spiders are very dangerous, and their bite carries poison that can cause great pain and illness. If you find a black widow, DO NOT attempt to catch it on your own and instead call professional spider control in West Palm Beach.

How Can I Prevent Spiders from Entering My Home?

There are several natural and low-cost methods to prevent spiders from entering your home that work by taking advantage of substances to which spiders are naturally averse:

  • Filling a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water, then spraying the mixture on cracks, corners, and small openings can help deter spiders
  • Spiders dislike the smell of eucalyptus. Consider planting a eucalyptus tree in your garden or near areas where you’ve frequently seen spiders
  • Spiders avoid strong scents, which makes peppermint oil in spider-prone areas a popular and effective method of keeping spiders out
Why Do I Have Spiders?

Spiders look for shelter and reliable sources of food. If you live in an area that is closed to forestry or trails, spiders might be finding their way into your home through cracks or loosely sealed windows. Spiders might also be in search of prey, so if your house has an insect problem, that might be causing these arachnids to settle in.

Why Should I Hire Professional Spider Control in West Palm Beach?

Most spiders cause no harm to humans and can prove to be beneficial in curving the population of other pests. However, some spider species like the black widow or the brown recluse pack a dangerous bite and should not be removed by untrained hands. If you encounter some of the more dangerous species around your home, you need to call professional spider control in West Palm Beach right away.

How Soon Can I Expect Results?

This common question does not have an all-encompassing answer. If you encounter a dangerous breed of spider, removal is usually immediate. But if you call for professional spider control in West Palm Beach to combat and prevent a pervasive spider problem, chemical or trap treatments can take as long as fourteen days to take effect.

How do Spiders Get Inside the Home?

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