Spiders have 8 legs which immediately separate them from other insects. Spiders don’t have wings or antennae. Spider fangs have openings on the ends through which venom is injected into the prey. Spinnerets are located at the tip end of the abdomen. They are connected to glands from which silk is created for web-making. Many species are common indoors all over the United States. Every cobweb was spun by a spider, for example. The Black Widow, Hobo, and Brown Recluse spiders are the North American species dangerous to humans.


In most cases outdoor spiders are considered beneficial to the environment. They keep outside pest under control but can create unsightly webs all over your home. Some spiders prefer damp places like basements and others like warm dry places like attics. All spiders prefer dark places, hiding in their own silk.

The Black Widow Spider

The Black Widow spider is widely distributed across the United States. Females are easily identified by their reddish hourglass on the abdomen. Males are smaller and light colored. A Black Widow’s Spider web is an irregular mass of silk with a central area. The Spider will wait in the middle until its prey has become ensnared. These webs can be found under leaves, behind bushes, and under slabs and rocks. This spider doesn’t usually enter indoors. Black Widow spider venom is a neurotoxin or toxic to the nervous system. The severity of the bite depends on the person. The initial bite is a sharp pain like a needle puncture. A variety of symptom may follow like convulsions and death. An anti-venom is readily available at the physician.

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