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Do You Need Lawn Fertilization in West Palm Beach?

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O’Hara Pest Control understands how important first impressions can be. A beautifully kept lawn says a lot about an owner, not to mention that it vastly improves the appearance of a home. We’ve created the O’Hara Lucky Lawn Care Program™ specifically to provide top-quality lawn care service in West Palm Beach to even our most demanding clients.

What does the O’Hara Lucky Lawn Care Program Mean for You?


Alex O'Hara has perfected the Lucky Lawn Care program for nearly a decade. The program was created to provide a comprehensive, organized, and professional approach to lawn care service in West Palm Beach in a simple methodology that every technician can understand. Our program is informed by a lifetime of experience maintaining landscapes in which Alex came to realize that plants and lawns need special attention and ongoing care by highly trained professionals.

Detailed Inspections and Professional Strategy

Each time our technicians visit your home, they will conduct a thorough walkthrough and note any issues or deficiencies. Based on this inspection, we will recommend a customized prescription treatment that is written and delivered on-site. All of our trucks are fully stocked with professional turf products that can be used immediately to remediate any problem our technicians may come across.

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Unique Fertilization Treatment

After years of conducting extensive field research and testing different methods, O’Hara has created a special premium-grade granular fertilizer for unparalleled lawn care service in West Palm Beach. Our fertilizer is part of a complete homogenous micronutrient package that provides every element a plant needs. This product is unique to O’Hara and can’t be found anywhere else!

Additional benefits of our fertilizer include:

  • Adjusts to the PH of the soil ensuring better absorption
  • A time-release recipe that keeps feeding for 90 days
  • Unlike traditional sulfur-coated urea, our special coating releases fertilizer based on temperature instead of water
  • Cannot be washed out by rain
  • Safeguards that guarantee consistent results
  • Uniquely customized system for a livelier and greener lawn

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Plants don’t just serve an aesthetic purpose; they are living and breathing organisms that need attention and specialized care. When part of a landscape gets sick, it creates a cascading effect that can endanger the entirety of the lawn, meaning that knowledgeable action should be taken swiftly in the form of expert lawn care West Palm Beach. O’Hara Pest Control strives to get ahead of any potential issues with our organized strategies that have produced proven results time and again. If you want to ensure a beautiful lawn, we are the ones to call!


How Can I Keep My Lawn Green?

Maintaining a beautifully green lawn can be time-consuming, which is why so many people readily invest in professional lawn care service in West Palm Beach. However, there are a few at-home practices you can use to keep that green glow:

  • Most lawns need about two inches of water per week (We recommend you give deep soaks to your lawn early in the morning to maximize the amount of hydration)
  • Fertilize your lawn regularly to maintain the nutrient levels high and a steady rate of growth
  • Set your lawnmower setting to leave grass about three inches high, this will provide more shade to the root system which keeps your lawn healthy
How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

The rule of thumb is that if you have difficulty pushing a six-inch screwdriver into your lawn, you’re likely not watering your grass often enough. You should aim to water your lawn deeply about two to three times per week instead of a light watering on a daily basis. This simply means watering enough that the soil soaks in about an inch and a half of water.

How Often Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

A professional lawn care service in West Palm Beach can help design a plan and fertilizer cycle that fits the needs of your lawn. If choosing to fertilize on your own, most lawns require treatment no more than twice a year. For the warm-weather grasses of Florida, the optimal time to fertilize is late summer, after the peak temperatures have subsided.

How Soon After Fertilizing is it Safe to Be on My Lawn?

This depends on the type of fertilizer you’ve used. If you have chosen a liquid fertilizer, once the grass looks visibly dry, it’s safe to allow your kids and pets back out on the lawn. However, since granular fertilizer can take some time to dissolve, it’s best to wait between 24-72 hours to minimize the chance that the small granules are accidentally consumed by a pet.

How Much Do Professional Lawn Care Services Cost?

Cost varies depending on the type and extent of service your lawn requires. To get a quote, contact us today! We’d be more than happy to discuss your needs and come up with the best maintenance plan for you.

What does the O’Hara Lucky Lawn Care Program Mean for You?

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