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Are You Looking for Whitefly Control in West Palm Beach?

Are whiteflies invading your greenery? O’Hara Pest Control specializes in thorough and effective whitefly control in West Palm Beach. We are committed to providing you with the best whitefly control methods to keep your greenery healthy and looking beautiful. Our goal is to reduce the number of whiteflies as soon as possible so you can have peace of mind. Contact us today to get started!

What are Whiteflies?

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Whiteflies are tiny flying insects that are most commonly found on indoor plants and in greenhouses. You can typically find them on the underside of leaves and can become a nuisance because they are resistant to most fertilizers and can seriously harm plants by extracting juices from them. Their feeding habits cause mold to appear on leaves and turns them yellow and shriveled, and mold to appear.

What is Our Approach to Whitefly Control?

We use several different methods aimed to prevent or eradicate whitefly populations from your home:

  • Yellow sticky traps

  • Horticultural oils

  • Safer® Soap

  • And more!

Where do Whiteflies Come From?

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Whiteflies often come in pre-purchased plants, as those are usually kept in greenhouse conditions that are perfectly suited for their procreation. They also tend to be most prevalent in the spring as they come from the outdoors, leaving behind their winter hiding places to plague fruit plants a world over.


How Can I Prevent Whiteflies?

Attracting the right type of insect and regular pruning can go a long way in preventing whiteflies from settling in your garden. Introducing flowering plants to your yard will attract beneficial insects like spiders or ladybugs which are natural predators of the whitefly. Regularly checking the underside of leaves will also help catch the problem before it gets out of hand.

What Attracts Whiteflies?

Whiteflies are warm-weather insects most commonly appearing in mind-to-late summer. This affinity to warmth makes them particularly problematic in greenhouses. Whiteflies are attracted to vegetable and fruit plants including tomatoes, eggplants, sweet potato, and okra.

How Often Do I Need Professional Whitefly Control?

The frequency of whitefly treatment depends on the size of the colony and of the affected property. For large, widespread infestations, several treatments might be necessary, whereas a single treatment can do the trick for small-scale swarms.

Are Pets Safe Around Whitefly Control?

The safety of whitefly control depends on the type of treatment you choose. Synthetic chemical treatments can be hazardous if ingested. However, organic insecticides have proven to be safe for pets and kids alike.

How Much Does Whitefly Control Cost?

The cost for whitefly control in West Palm Beach varies on how often it’s needed and how large of an area needs to be treated. If you’re looking for a quote, please contact us today!

Our Happy Customers Can Attest to Our Effective Whitefly Treatment!

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