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The climate and environment in South Florida are perfect for quickly growing, large populations of fleas and ticks. Fleas can carry and transmit plague and typhus, making them a very dangerous pest. O’Hara Pest Control guarantees the removal and control of your flea or tick population or your money back!

Anatomy of the Flea

The flea has a narrow body, enabling it to move through animal hair. Their small size makes it so fleas fit into all types of narrow areas around a home. The adult flea is covered in spines that project backward. These spines help the flea move forward through hair. The spines also keep the flea in place when hosts begin scratching. Adult fleas have piercing mouthparts to penetrate the skin and suck blood. Fleas have powerful legs that enable them to jump as high as 8 inches vertically and as far as 16 inches horizontally.

Why You Need to Call Us Right Away

If you suspect or spot a flea, it’s important to schedule an appointment quickly because fleas and ticks constantly lay eggs. A female is capable of laying up to 300 eggs in a single day and they hatch within two to three days. When you uncover a problem, it’s necessary to commit to regular West Palm Beach flea and tick control as they can re-emerge at any point.

How Do Flea Larvae Work?

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Flea larvae feed on flea feces or dried blood. The larvae will grow through three instars in a week. The mature larva spins itself into a cocoon for ten days, after which, a mature adult emerges. Some fleas remain in their cocoons for up to a year waiting for a host to stimulate them to come out of their cocoons. This explains why some people move into a new home and are surprised by a spontaneous emergence of a large flea or tick population.


What Are the Signs of Fleas and Ticks?

Unfortunately, the signs of fleas and ticks will be most readily apparent in our pets. Common symptoms include tiny white or black grains on the coat of your pet which could be droppings or eggs. Of course, excessive scratching or biting at the skin is the most common sign of a potential infestation and sign that you should call a professional in West Palm Beach flea and tick control right away.

How Do I Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks?

The first step to keeping fleas and ticks out of your home is to remove their preferred hiding places. This means regularly mowing your lawn and trimming shrubs. Methodically cleaning your home is also an effective prevention method.

When Are Fleas and Ticks Most Likely to Attack?

Fleas and ticks make themselves a nuisance year-round but are much more active during the warmer months. The high moisture here in Florida make these pests particularly active during the Spring as well.

How Did Fleas and Ticks Get in My House?

Fleas and ticks are parasitic pests, meaning they feed on a host creature to survive. They often come from the outdoors but if you encounter these invaders on your pet, it’s likely that your pet is a secondary host. This means that the flea or tick likely hopped a ride on another animal before finding their way into your home.

How Much Does West Palm Beach Flea and Tick Control Cost?

The pricing for any pest removal or treatment service varies depending on the extent of the infestation. Contact us today for a quote!

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