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Why Are Cockroaches Such a Persistent Problem?

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With over 4,500 species worldwide and 70 found in the United States, cockroaches are a very common insect found inside homes. Throughout history, they have survived many changing environments and are one of the most adaptable and successful insects to ever inhabit the earth. From commercial kitchens to residential homes, we are prepared to bring you industry-leading cockroach control in West Palm Beach.

This presents a unique challenge to pest management professionals. How do you control something that’s had millions of years of success? O’Hara Pest Control’s trained technicians have the safe solutions to rid your home of these pests and prevent future infestations.

What You Need to Know About Cockroaches

What Are Their Feeding Habits?

Cockroaches are omnivorous scavengers, capable of consuming any organic food source. Although they have a preference for meat and sweets, they frequently eat wood, paper, and decaying matter. Cockroaches are not a social insect and commonly forage on their own.

Where do Cockroaches Like to Live?

Roaches prefer damp and dark areas around the home such as bathrooms, behind fridges, and in cabinetry. They also have a habit of living in unsanitary places like sewers, trash cans, and garbage disposals.

How Can Cockroaches Damage My Home?

Roaches can cause significant damage to kitchen cabinetry with their frass and fecal-matter deposits. New kitchen installations cost thousands of dollars, making roach control an investment that pays for itself.

Why Are Roaches Dangerous?

Cockroaches tend to contaminate more food than they eat. As they walk through the unsanitary environment they inhabit, they pick up bacteria and disease along the way. Roaches then spread those diseases as they walk over food supplies, food preparation equipment, dishes, utensils, and other surfaces.

Roaches have been associated with gastroenteritis (food poisoning) and are known to carry and transmit a wide range of allergens. Because two-thirds of the American population suffer from allergens, cockroaches can become a major health hazard if left unchecked.


What Is Attracting Roaches to My Home?

Cockroaches have evolved to be highly resourceful. They can find their way into your home through small cracks and openings in search of exposed food or damp and dark hiding spots to burrow and breed. More than any other factor, access to food is the most likely reason that roaches are being attracted to your home.

How Can I Prevent Roaches?

The best way to keep these pesky invaders from settling in your home is by eliminating the things that attract them in the first place. Keep a tidy home and eliminate exposed food or places where you might find still water.

A pro tip for roach prevention is keeping food preparation and eating to a single room, this will make it easier to spot crumbs and make cleaning more effective. If you’ve tried several methods with little results, it’s time to call a professional in West Palm Beach roach control.

What Kind of Cockroaches Do I Have?

Despite the vast number of species, three types of roaches have particularly excelled in invading American homes – American, German, and brown-banded cockroaches are the most common targets of commercial and residential roach control.

German Roach

German roaches are the most common species found around the globe. They are light brown to tan coloring with two dark, parallel stripes located on their backs. German roaches prefer warm and humid locations close to sources of food and moisture. They reproduce quickly and large populations are known to emit a strong odor.

American Roach

This is the largest house-infesting roach. American cockroaches are typically reddish-brown with a yellowish figure eight pattern on the back of the head. These roaches can grow to over 2” in length and are capable of flying short distances. They are most commonly found in sewer systems and drains.

Brown-banded Roach

These cockroaches are identified by two lighter bands across their bodies. Brown-banded roaches tend to prefer higher locations than other species and are often found in upper cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms.

Why Does My Home Have a Roach Problem?

Neglecting the common magnets for roaches such as exposed food sources and moisture-filled areas are sure-fire ways to trigger an infestation. However, if the issue persists or intensifies, it might be because your home has the right set of conditions to harbor a colony and you might need to call a professional West Palm Beach roach control company. The common conditions that are conducive to recurring roach problems include piles of clutter, dirt, grime, and trash that is not regularly disposed of.

How Often Does My Space Need West Palm Beach Roach Control?

The frequency of roach control in your home will always depend on how bad the problem is. If you’re dealing with an ongoing infestation, you’ll likely need several extermination treatments by a professional. Once the problem is under control, you can use some store-bought sprays once every 30 to 60 days to prevent future infestations.

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