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Most Asked Questions About Roof Rats

The roof rat, also known as the ship rat, black rat, or house rat, is one of the most common rodents that can wreak havoc on homes and businesses. Learning how to identify a roof rat is vital because, unlike other rodent species, you can spot a roof rat in an early stage of infestation. If your attic has become a target of roof rats, you’ll want to hire an expert in rodent control in West Palm Beach before you start experiencing a variety of issues.

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What You Should Know About Roof Rats

What Do They Look Like?

While roof rats usually have dark brown soft, and smooth fur with a little black mixed in, they can also be black or gray on top with a contrasting gray or black underside. They have a pointed muzzle, large eyes, and ears. While an adult roof rat’s head and body length are around six to eight inches long, its tail is about seven to 10 inches long. Furthermore, its weight could be anywhere between five to 12 ounces.

Why Do People Call Them Roof Rats?

They’re called roof rats because their love for climbing usually leads them to find shelter in the attics and upper parts of homes and buildings. 

What Do They Eat?

Since roof rats are omnivorous creatures, they won’t hesitate to eat anything available to them. While they usually prefer to feast on nuts, seeds, fruits, and berries, a large part of their diet consists of snails, slugs, and roaches. Roof rats living near bodies of water feed on shellfish, fish, and other aquatic organisms.Although roof rats feed at dusk and before daybreak, they forage many times per night and during the day. These creatures are known to be food hoarders that prefer eating in a hidden or sheltered environment.

Do They Pose a Threat?

Yes. Roof rats can gnaw through walls and cause damage to pipes, wiring, and other structural components. Besides eating or contaminating your food with their droppings, roof rats can spread disease through their feces, urine, bites, and the mites and fleas that hide in their fur.

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