We at O’Hara Pest Control offer safe, pet-friendly, and affordable rodent control services with a common goal in mind: keep the critters out! Our technicians are trained using methodology that has been established by the top national rodentologist in the industry. Our services include rodent trapping & removal, exterior bait station maintenance and rodent exclusions; ensuring that the rodents are not only staying away from your home, but also ensuring that any entry points below the roof lines are sealed.


When experiencing rodent issues, it is imperative to understand the extensive damage that a rodent is capable of causing to your home. Common problems faced by home owners include damaged insulation, holes in drywall, wires that have been chewed as well as unpleasant odors that ultimately lead one to desperately search for a quick and affordable solution. Rodents are associated with many disease carrying organisms. The Oriental Rat Flea is the chief carrier of the Bubonic Plague and Murine Typhus.


It is most common in coastal towns on both Norway and Roof Rats. Roof Rats are the common rat of South Florida. Rodents thrive in areas where there is an easily accessible water supply, such as swimming pools, lakes, canals, or even an air conditioning unit. Our skilled technicians will meet with you and determine whether there are any entry points and the cause for infestation while providing you with the recommended treatment options.

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Need same day service? Not a problem! Our technicians are always equipped with any and all tools necessary to avoid any infestation from getting worse before it gets better.  We guarantee that your rodent issues will be resolved. When dealing with a rodent infestation, it is routine for our technicians to visit your home as many times as necessary to eradicate any rodents that are trapped inside of the house as well as monitor the exterior bait stations during follow-up visits.

If there is evidence of rodents inside of your home or if you had a run-in with a scurrying critter, give us a call at (561) 655-9011.

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