Cockroaches are an outstanding success story in nature! With over 3,500 species worldwide and 70 found in the United States, Cockroaches are the most common insect found inside homes. Over the last 350 million years they have survived many changing environments and are one of the most adaptable and successful insects to ever inhabit the earth.

In the Home

This presents a unique challenge to the pest management professional. How do you control something that has been so successful for millions of years? O’Hara Pest Control’s trained technicians have the safe solutions to rid your home of these pests and prevent future infestations. From commercial kitchens to residential homes, we are prepared to bring you relief. Most roaches forage at night searching for crumbs, moisture, and mates. Cockroaches are not social insect. They commonly forage on their own. Cockroaches cause significant damage to kitchen cabinetry. New kitchen installations cost thousands of dollars, making pest control a must have. German Cockroach frass or fecal matter ruins wood cabinets. Cockroaches have a habit of living in moist unsanitary places like sewers, trash cans, and garbage disposers. Fifth and disease is spread to food supplies, food preparation equipment, dishes, utensils, and other surfaces.


They contaminate more food than they eat. Bacteria, protozoa, and allergies are some of the things that roaches exhibit on their bodies. Gastroenteritis is a potential disease transmitted by roaches. Gastroenteritis or food poisoning is a sickness that we have all experienced. Cockroach allergen, in particular, is a horrible situation for someone to be experiencing. People brought down to their knees with allergic sickness, not knowing what is happening. Symptoms range from common allergies to serious. Two thirds of the population are affected by the allergen. The female German Cockroach can produce 4 to 8 ootheca or egg capsules in her lifetime. She produces them every 30 days, each capsule carrying 30 to 48 new roaches. The female German cockroach can lay 400 eggs in less than a year.

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