How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, the nightly attackers terrorizing beds near you, may be harder to identify than you thought. Not only are bed bugs small, but many other South Florida...

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How Do I Control Rodents in My House?

When it comes to controlling rodents in your house, you’ve got two choices: do it the easy way or the hard way. Getting...

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3 Ways Cockroaches Are Getting Into Your Home 

When it comes to a roach infestation, nobody wants to get the blame. After all, it isn’t easy for anyone to admit...

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Ants of West Palm Beach, Florida

Some days it feels like a real-life Bug’s Life when you live in South Florida. Amongst the beautiful, thriving Floridian...

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What Is the Difference Between Pest Control and an Exterminator?

If you have a problem with insects or rodents in your home or business, your first instinct should be to...

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Top 8 Pests Found in Commercial Kitchens

As a restaurant owner, keeping a thoroughly clean and sanitized kitchen area is essential for staying in business. You don’t...

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How to Know When to Call a Specialist

Seeing a bug or two crawling around can be unsettling, but it isn’t so bad. Once you start seeing them...

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How to Keep Spiders Off Your Yacht

Did you know that a large number of spiders can seriously mess up your yacht’s interior? Aside from the fact...

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Are Bed Bugs Common?

Whether you like it or not, bed bugs are some of the most common pests in homes. If you find...

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How to Exterminate Cockroaches in 10 Simple Steps

Every homeowner’s nightmare is a roach infestation! If you find one, there’s a small chance there could be a whole...

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