Will Pesticides Kill My Grass?

The grass on your lawn provides you with many benefits. Aside from cleaning the air, it also prevents soil erosion,...

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Pest Control Tips for Boaters

Did you recently find yourself waging a battle with some pesky pests on your boat? If you’re the proud owner...

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Pest Control Tips for New Homeowners

Is it your first time purchasing a new home? Are you already thinking about the improvements you want to make...

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What Should I Do If I Find Bed Bugs in My Home?

One of the worst things that anybody has to experience is to wake up in the morning with red itchy...

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How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

For any home or business owner, there’s nothing worse than dealing with a pest infestation. Even when you’ve managed to...

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Where Can Mice Enter My Home?

Did you know that a mouse can manage to squeeze itself through a hole that’s about the side of a...

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What Pests Can Infest Florida Homes in Fall?

Although it’s essential to tackle pest control all-year-round, some pests can appear in larger numbers as the weather changes from...

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When is Cockroach Season and How Do I Handle It?

Many homeowners wonder when the next cockroach season is going to be. The truth is, it all depends on where...

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What Attracts Ants to My Home?

Although ants play a critical role in organic recycling and soil aeration, you wouldn’t want an army of them marching...

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What Pests Infest Homes in Summer?

There’s something about the hottest months that makes summer pests want to invade our homes. Once you see them creeping...

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