Are There Moles in My Yard?

Since it takes a lot of effort to keep your yard and landscape in good shape, the last thing you...

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Facts About Lethal Viral Necrosis

Have you ever heard of lethal viral necrosis? This turfgrass disease has wreaked havoc on many lawns since it was...

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Most Asked Questions About Roof Rats

The roof rat, also known as the ship rat, black rat, or house rat, is one of the most common...

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When to Fertilize a Lawn in Spring? 

Since countless homeowners spend billions of dollars each year on green turfgrass, it’s safe to say that the American lawn...

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What Is Verticutting for Your Lawn? 

Since your lawn comprises a large part of your property, you’ll want it to enhance its overall health and appearance....

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How to Treat Palm Tree Diseases

Since palms are closely related to grasses, they aren’t trees in the traditional sense. For this reason, they’re more vulnerable...

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Will Salt Kill a Palm Tree?

When it comes to tropical landscaping, palm trees won’t fail to conjure up the idea of an island escape. Healthy...

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Ants That Can Cause Damage to Your Home 

While ants may be tiny, they can wreak havoc on homes. Unfortunately, seemingly innocent behaviors such as leaving food crumbs...

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How Do Bed Bugs Get Into My Home?

Besides being annoying, bed bugs are one of the most challenging pests to eliminate in the home. Thanks to their...

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Do Mice Carry Disease? 

Having a mouse in your house is never good news. Besides posing a threat to your wiring and furniture, they...

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