Why Does My Lawn Keep Dying?

You’re not the only one who’s wondering why your lawn keeps on dying. This is a common problem among homeowners...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Properly Caring for Your Lawn

The average homeowner spends between 5 to 9 days a year caring for their law. Americans spend $363 on average...

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What Pests Infest Lawns in South Florida?

Are you a homeowner in South Florida who happens to have a lush and green lawn? If you want nothing...

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When is the Best Time to Water My Lawn?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your next-door neighbor’s sprinklers are always running and you’re wondering if you should be watering your...

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Do I Really Need to Fertilize My Lawn?

Are you wondering if you could keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy without applying fertilizers? If you are, then...

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What Time of Year Do I Need to Fertilize My Lawn?

Every lawn needs to be fertilized. However, if you lack the training and the experience of fertilizing lawns properly, it...

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How Do I Get Rid of Mole Crickets?

Have you recently spotted an insect that looks like a hybrid of a crayfish and a cockroach? If you have,...

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What is Lawn Fungus?

People say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. However, this doesn’t have to...

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How Do I Care for My Lawn in Summer?

A lot of homeowners out there are wild about keeping their lawns lush and green. Many of them hire certified...

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How Should I Prepare My Home for an Exterminator?

Dealing with pests is every homeowner’s nightmare. Not only do these creatures cause potential damage to the property, but they...

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