The Sable Palm grows up to 65 feet tall. Sable Palms are extremely salt-tolerant and are commonly found around the Florida Coastlines. In 1953 the Sabal Palm became the Florida State Tree. It is a very tough tree that will grow anywhere.

A History of Sable Palm Trees in Florida

It can be used for food or medicine. I personally use the palm fronds for my duck blind when I hunt. The local Native Americans have used Sabal Palm fronds for hundreds of years for tiki roofing material.

In 1776, the Americans built a fort out of Sable Palm trunks and successfully defended it against the British in the Revolutionary war. By 1970, the Sabal Palm’s Universal popularity landed it on the Florida State Seal, replacing the Coconut Palm. They are cold tolerant but prefer warm heat.

Why Are Sabal Palm Trees so Easy to Grow?

In my opinion, Sabal Palms are very easy to grow, almost requiring no fertilizer. They are very durable and grow readily in the woods without any care. The cabbage palmetto can grow with little to no water or in standing water. It prefers freshwater but will tolerate salt spray.

Sable Palm Tree Disease and Treatment

I have been driving around town looking around for lethal bronzing on Sabal Palms. It has become apparent that the disease is here. The University of Florida warned of this disease 12 months ago.

They said it was in Central Florida, and they expected it to spread South. Hundreds of Sabal Palms have died along roadways around Palm Beach County. It is expected to affect 16 different Palms. The disease takes four months to kill a palm. During those four months, the tree will not show any symptoms of illness.

Save Your Palm Trees with O’Hara Pest Control Today!

The key is to get your trees treated quarterly to prevent the disease. Palms are very expensive to replace. New palms can be planted as saplings, but it will take years for them to grow. Prevention is the key. Once your palms are infected, it is too late. Treatment is affordable and easy to set up. Call us today at 561-655-9011.

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