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Fertilizing Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you think lawn fertilization in West Palm Beach just means buying fertilizer and spreading it on your lawn, you’re sorely mistaken. Although fertilizing a lawn involves a relatively easy process, it requires careful planning to avoid causing potential damage to the grass.  

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Mistakes to Avoid When Fertilizing Your Lawn

Using the Wrong Type of Fertilizer  

You can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to lawn fertilization. Besides containing different levels of nutrients, fertilizer products treat different types of soil. Your lawn’s current nutrient levels, soil, grass type, location, and climate determine the fertilizer you should use.

Using Too Little or Too Much Fertilizer  

Applying too much fertilizer will burn your lawn. Moreover, overfeeding with high nitrogen levels will limit root growth and cause excess leaf growth. Conversely, under-fertilizing your lawn can lead to slow growth, reduced resistance to environmental stressors, thin, pale-looking, and patchy turf, increased susceptibility to disease and pests, and reduced overall health, density, and drought tolerance.

It’s worth noting that fertilizer applications should be based on accurate measurements of the treatment area and the amounts of nutrients it should contain. You can determine how much square footage is within your treatment area and accurately apply fertilizer by measuring in feet and multiplying the area length times the width. Although the standard fertilizer application rate is between 0.5 lb. to 2 lbs. of fertilizer per 1,000 sq. ft., it’s best to check the product’s recommended application rate on its label.

Fertilizing at the Wrong Time

Since fertilization is all about timing, fertilizing when you please will ultimately lead to wasted efforts. Although most fertilizers have a long residual effect, you’ll increase your chances of having a lush, green lawn by applying the product in the correct season.  

Furthermore, factors affecting the timing of when to apply fertilizer include turf, location, and season patterns. Experts recommend fertilizing your lawn in the spring, two weeks after new growth begins. If you live in northern Florida, you’ll want to begin fertilizing your lawn in March. However, if you live in southern Florida, it’s best to fertilize your lawn in February.  

Lawn Fertilization in West Palm Beach

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