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Getting professional help with your weed control as soon as possible is critical, otherwise, they can take over and ruin a beautiful lawn. We not only control your weeds, but we also help keep them at bay from unwanted re-growth. Contact us today to get started!

What is the O’Hara Pest Control Method?

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Our exclusive weed control system is a multi-faceted approach designed to treat every weed problem. Our methods include:

Chemical Control

  • We use herbicides to treat aggressive invasive weeds before they spread

Mechanical Control

  • Digging and mowing help reduce the growth of weeds

Cultural Control

  • We use mulch and other methods to reduce the amount of open space in a single are and keep weeds from growing

Why Do Weeds Outgrow My Grass?

A lot people tend to miss the point with weeds. The truth is that weeds are just plants that happen to be better adapted to survive than the plants that surround them. Their roots may just happen to be stronger or more absorbent than their neighbors, and they simply outgrow them.

The word “weed” is just a general term used to describe any plant growing where it’s undesired. If you were to find a corn plant in the middle of a field of soybean, then that corn would be a weed. That’s why the best approach to dealing with weeds is by pulling them from the root so they don’t have a chance to grow and outcompete the surrounding plants.


What Are Weeds?

Weeds are plants that are normally grown in controlled settings but found their way into undesired areas. They can be a nuisance as they sprout in your lawn, giving the grass an unappealing aesthetic. Without weed control services in West Palm Beach, these green invaders can easily grow out of control and take over your lawn or garden. Weeds are tough, they not only grow quickly but they are have also evolved to reproduce a large number of seeds.

How Can I Detect Weeds?

Unfortunately, weeds grow and germinate quickly which means that you’ll often not notice them until they’ve already towered of your grass. Weeds typically grown in patches of disturbed soil and usually have special structures like wings, spines, hooks, sticky hairs, etc.

How Can I Prevent Weeds?

The best method of weed prevention is a watchful eye and cautious cultivation of your lawn and garden. As soon as you identify a stray weed, pull it out by the root before it has a chance to germinate. Mulching empty areas of your garden can also help prevent weeds by eliminating the empty space they use to grow.

Why Do Weeds Grow?

Weeds grow for the same reason any plants grow – access to water, sunlight, air, and space. These plants have the uncanny ability to grow rapidly anywhere there’s room to do so. Weeds have the ability to spread seeds rapidly making them abundant and pervasive.

Will Weed Control Services in West Palm Beach Kill My Plants?

Weed control can be tricky as many methods can harm your plants and kill your grass. For this reason, we recommend using professional weed control services in West Palm Beach. Trained professionals know how to apply chemicals in such a way that your plants are left unscathed.

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