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Facts About Lethal Viral Necrosis

Have you ever heard of lethal viral necrosis? This turfgrass disease has wreaked havoc on many lawns since it was first verified in Palm Beach County in 204. This plant virus usually targets the ‘Floratam’ variety of St. Augustine grass within three years. Unfortunately, it continues to expand into other regions. If you’re unsure if your lawn is infected, it’s best to hire a lawn service in West Palm Beach. 

What You Should Know About Lethal Viral Necrosis

What Exactly Is Necrosis in Plants?

Necrosis is a viral turfgrass disease that can destroy an entire yard and its surrounding lawns in less than three years after infection. Moreover, Floratam St. Augustine, a popular grass type, is one of its primary hosts. 

What Are the Symptoms of Lethal Viral Necrosis?

  • Streaks and blotches of yellow and green on the leaves
  • A mosaic pattern on leaves before they turn brown and die prematurely
  • Green blades with broken yellow streaks running their veins
  • Blades turning brown and dying after spreading to other parts of the yard

Does the Virus Survive in Soil?

The virus doesn’t remain viable once it’s out of the plant tissue because the sap dries. 

How Does This Virus Spread?

Infected grass harbor the virus in their moist sap. Furthermore, Freshly cut lawns typically release the plant sap. Some of the virus’s primary transmitters include lawn mower wheels, trimmers, and other equipment. It’s worth noting that the virus doesn’t spread once the sap and clippings dry out.  Although the plant virus doesn’t last long outside the plant, mowing when the grass is wet keeps the sap hydrated longer. As a result, it can extend the virus’s life on equipment. Infected sod, plugs, sprigs, and aphids that feed on turfgrass may also spread the disease. 

West Palm Beach Lawn Service Can Address Lethal Viral Necrosis

Looking to Hire a Lawn Service in West Palm Beach?

At O’Hara Pest Control, we’re committed to helping you keep your lawn lush, green, and pest-free. Contact us today to schedule an inspection if you think lethal viral necrosis is trying to invade your yard.

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