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Are There Moles in My Yard?

Since it takes a lot of effort to keep your yard and landscape in good shape, the last thing you want to wake up to is a yard full of tunnels, holes, and dirt. Unfortunately, moles can wreak havoc on your lawn as they look for insects and earthworms to eat. If you suspect you have moles in your yard, you’ll want to make an appointment with an expert in lawn care in West Palm Beach.Moles are small, nearly blind mammals with cylindrical bodies, soft fur, short forelimbs, and shovel-like paws. They lack external ears and have tiny eyes. Furthermore, their nostrils face the sides of their snouts to avoid clogging. Moles may not be dangerous to people, but they can cause significant and costly damage to your lawn’s root system of ornamental plants and grasses as they dig tunnels and forage for food.

Signs That Tell You a Mole Is In Your Yard

Hills or Lumps of Dirt

As moles dig underground tunnels, they create hills or lumps of dirt in the garden.

Holes in the Lawn

Moles create tunnels to serve as feeding locations or access points to and from their home. If you notice or feel raised tunnels in your yard, a mole is likely creeping around underground.

Weeds Grow Faster

Moles tend to lift the grass where you scalp or remove more than one-third of the grass blade per mow. Weeds usually grow faster in these areas. For this reason, a mole-infested yard makes for ideal conditions for unwanted weeds to grow.

Dying Grass and Plants

Moles hurt plant roots as they dig tunnels in the ground. Consequently, grass, plants, and trees may begin to die.

Surface Tunnels

When moles are nesting and feeding, they create tunnels beneath the surface. They use these tunnels as passageways to travel in search of larvae, spiders, worms, slugs, and grubs.

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