Tree injections have been around since the 12th Century. Tree injecting is directly injecting chemicals into a palm tree with a needle. Pest control professionals use tree injection when the subject is not responding to drench, foliar treatments, Sandy soils, or high PH can cause nutrient uptake problems. Many palms respond well in most situations to fertilizer, but it is time to inject when they don’t.

What Can I Do About Dying Palms?

Have you ever had a palm die on you, and you felt like you did everything you could? Sometimes it is something simple. Palms prefer dry conditions. Often lawn sprinklers spray palms and keep them wet. This leads to fungus problems. Changing the time on your sprinkler system or capping heads can dry out those areas around your palms. Leaf blight and root rots are widespread with palms. Foxtail palms are great candidates for tree injection.

They are susceptible to many funguses and often are found sick. It is necessary to inject these palms to keep them healthy. Many plant species were brought from other parts of the world. We may not have the same conditions here. Florida is a very wet place in the summer. This is not good for a palm that is already receiving irrigation. Rain Sensors can reduce overwatering, as well.

How High PH Impacts Your Palms

South East Florida has high PH sandy soil. Palms can sometimes suffer due to this situation. High PH soils block many nutrients that palms need to survive. Royal Palms get sick very quickly in high PH soils because they require much food to survive. A small lapse in the feeding of a large palm can spell disaster. Adding more granular fertilizer below the palm won’t get it done as it does not get in the plant. Fertilizers can be injected into your palms. This gets them back on track quickly and can maintain them within tough areas for years to come.

Bacterias are a big problem for palms. Coconut palms are affected by lethal yellowing. Antibiotic injections can protect the palms from infection. Much like the fungicide infections on foxtail palms, the antibiotic shots need to be administered preventatively, not after the fact. Lethal yellowing is a quiet problem. Palms die here and there, but no one notices. I grew up on the street, and both sides were planted with beautiful coconut trees.

Need Palm Tree Injections West Palm Beach?

My father injected our trees, and they were the only two left after a few years. The city replaced everyone’s trees with Sabal Palms. It wasn’t the same. Now, Sabal Palms are under fire. Lethal Bronzing has moved into South Florida. Sabal Palms can be seen randomly dying here and there. Tiny insects spread these diseases, and there is only one solution, prevention through injection! Contact us today for more information.

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