• The average homeowner spends between 5 to 9 days a year caring for their law.
  • Americans spend $363 on average per year on their lawn.
  • Over 20 million homeowners hire professional service to care for their lawns.

A white picket fence and a beautiful lawn are staples of that idyllic image we have of the American Dream. And it makes sense, your lawn is part of the first impression your home makes on those visiting or just driving by. As industry leaders in pest control and lawn care West Palm Beach, O’Hara Pest Control wants you to be proud to show off your lawn. That’s why we are bringing you some important information that will help you get your lawn in tip-top shape. If you need a helping hand, we are the ones to call!

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Have You Been Mowing Correctly?

Seems like there’s nothing too complex about mowing your lawn, after all, regular mowing is the most basic of lawn care West Palm Beach method. Most homeowners just fire up their mowers a couple of times a month and give it a once-over thinking that’s enough. But as you’ll see, a lot more goes into mowing your lawn than you probably thought.

Timing is Everything

Having a good understanding of your local climate is vital in determining how much of your grass to cut. You should adjust your cutting height in accordance with the time of the year. For cooler weather, you should use a 1-1/2 inch cutting height to remove dead grass and open up room for sunlight to reach the grass crowns. When the weather warms back up and the grass is growing quickly, lower the blade by a half an inch to maintain a uniform look.

Care for Your Blade

A sharp and well-kept lawnmower blade will help you get that beautiful look for your grass as it keeps the cuts clean and even. Dull blades can cause uneven cuts that damage grass and make it harder to grow. This can also cost you because damaged grass requires more water and nutrients to recover.

Clippings and New Grass

Grass grows healthily so long as it has the nutrients it needs to do so. For efficient lawn care West Palm Beach, it’s recommended that you cut the grass when it’s dry to avoid clumping and leave the clippings on the grass because it provides those needed nutrients and nitrogen to your lawn.

Newly-seeded grass needs to grow for about a month to settle in before you go ahead and start cutting it. The reason you should wait is that the new grass blades are tender and can easily damage at the foot so it’s best to wait until they are about an inch taller than recommended grass mowing height.

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Weed Removal

Weeds are plants that grow in an unintended area of your lawn. They can quickly turn into a nuisance by taking nutrients away from your grass and being generally unsightly. Perhaps your best method to combat weeds if they’ve gotten out of hand, is an expertly designed control system, in other cases, some of these best practices will make it easier to sustain your lawn care West Palm Beach.

Aim for the Roots

Most weeds are quite resistant and can easily regrow even after they have been truncated. If you remove a weed and want it to stay gone, dig them up at their root. When you do this be diligent and ensure you get the entire root as some plants can regrow even from a small section of the root itself.

who offers lawn care west palm beach?

Don’t Cut Too Close to the Ground

This is a helpful lawnmowing tip that will also decrease the chances of seeing weeds pop-up around your lawn. Proper mowing can increase the density of your lawn which has the additional effect of limiting weed growth. However, cutting the grass too low increases how much sunlight can reach growing weeds, allowing them to germinate.

Multistep Control Methods

You might not find a multi-front method for weed control in many places. Luckily, part of O’Hara’s expert lawn care West Palm Beach is bringing you an innovative system of dealing with weeds. We use three different methods:

  • Chemical Control: We use safe herbicides to treat aggressive weeds that are considered invasive while preserving the rest of your law.
  • Mechanical Control: We reduce the growth of weeds through regular digging and mowing.
  • Cultural Control: We reduce the amount of open space in a single are and use mulch where appropriate to keep weeds from growing.
who offers lawn care west palm beach?

How’s Your Lawn Water Technique?

Effective watering is critical for proper lawn care West Palm Beach. Most homeowners just set the sprinklers on a timer or perhaps walk around with a hose to get all their lawn. Although not entirely unhelpful, this method of watering your lawn can be inefficient so here are some things to keep in mind when watering your lawn.

Soak Your Lawn

This tip will not only help your grass grow healthily; it can also save you some money in your next water bill. Lawns generally require one to two inches of water per week, applied at three to four-day intervals – this, of course, depends on the weather patterns and soil where the grass is located. Although sprinklers can cover a wide area, they don’t provide enough moisture at the root level. Instead of light sprinkler, it’s better to soak the soil under your grass and let it sit so there’s time to absorb the water.

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Fertilize Your Lawn

If you live in a particularly dry area or in a location in which the soil is sandy and not rich with nutrients, lawn care West Palm Beach. Trying to grow a healthy growing lawn in those conditions can be difficult so a good fertilizer might be your best choice. Proper and balanced fertilization can improve the look and health of your lawn regardless of the environment.

What to Look For

When looking for fertilizer, keep in mind that there are three macronutrients that every lawn will need to grow:

  • Nitrogen: Helps grass grow rapidly and develops leaves by promoting chlorophyll formation and protein synthesis
  • Phosphorus: Critical in early root growth, phosphorus stimulates blooming and helps to see the formation.
  • Potassium: This is especially important in dry climates as it increases resistance to fought and disease while boosting stem development.
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For A Beautiful Lawn, Trust an Expert

Lawn care West Palm Beach can take a lot of time and money to sustain and even then, there’s no guarantee your lawn will match the look you aspired to. If you want to get rid of the stress and have the comfort of knowing that there are professionals working to keep your lawn beautiful, call O’Hara Pest Control today!

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