Where Do Cockroaches Hide?

Did you see a cockroach sneaking up on you when you went to the bathroom in the middle of the night? If you spot one scuttle, fly, and flatten its body before disappearing into a thin crevice, you likely have an army of these bacteria-carrying bottom-draggers hiding in your home. Before the infestation gets out of control, it’s best to hire pest control services in West Palm Beach.

Top Places Cockroaches Hide in Your Home

Cardboard Boxes

A pest control expert will tell you that just about any kind of paper is a roach magnet. However, something about the smell and texture of stacks of cardboard boxes attracts these brown and black crawlers. Besides rolling around in cardboard products, cockroaches feast on them, leave bacteria and fecal matter trails on them, and hide in them.

If you don’t want cockroaches to set up shop in your home, you should dispose of cardboard boxes as soon as they’re emptied. Additionally, be sure to keep stacks of paper in tightly sealed cabinets. Sorting mails instead of stacking them in piles and dusting your recycling bins with a boric acid powder can also help keep roaches and other pests at bay.


Since cockroaches can’t resist darkness and moisture, the pipes that run throughout the dark areas in your home are ideal hiding places for them. They love the damp pipes under sinks, backs of cabinets, at the backs of cabinets, or around washers and dryers that release bits of warm condensation for their bodies to get into.

Any pest control man would recommend keeping these areas dry and less inviting to pests by insulating and taping off gaps between piping and walls and sealing any cracks or holes around plumbing that lead to the outdoors. Using false cupboard and cabinet backing isn’t a bad idea either. You should also check your drains, pipes, and faucets for drips or leaks.

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