One of the best ways to escape from your everyday life is to get on your boat and surround yourself with fresh air and water on a warm and sunny day. Perhaps as you and your loved ones were having a great time, you spotted an unwelcome guest on board. Having any pest on your marine vessel can ruin precious moments. When you have pests at sea, you should seriously consider calling for yacht pest control in Fort Lauderdale to keep those pests at bay. 

who offers yacht pest control Fort Lauderdale?

Pests That You Usually Find On Boats and Yachts


Cockroaches are among the most notorious hitchhikers that manage to find their way into any marine vessel. In most cases, their eggs can be found in cardboard boxes that you unknowingly bring onto your yacht. Since these pests tend to reproduce quickly, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself dealing with a massive infestation.


If you think that rats and mice couldn’t get on your yacht while you dock it on water or land, think again. Since these creatures are excellent swimmers and climbers, they could easily swim to your sea vessel and scale mooring ropes and chains. Mice can get on board through holes that are about the size of a 10-cent coin. 

Once these disgusting rodents take up residence in your yacht, they can cause considerable damage to your fixtures, wiring, and fittings. Their constant need to chew through anything can pose a fire hazard. You may also have to shell out a pretty penny for repairs. If rats are present in the harbor, you can put funnels upside down on your boat lines to keep them from running up the lines.

Bed Bugs

These little bloodsucking pests can find their way on your yacht by hitching a ride on your luggage. Although they’re not that easy to spot, their favorite hiding places are hard-to-reach areas that include beds, bags, clocks, appliances, and other furnishings.

who offers yacht pest control Fort Lauderdale?

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