If you think that pristine-looking lawns are a product of nature, think again. Without a lot of careful planning, these works of art would never be created. Thanks to the process of fertilization, your dream lawn is within your reach. If you don’t know much about it, read on.

Top Questions Asked About Lawn Fertilization

What Exactly is Lawn Fertilization?

If you’re a first-time gardener, you probably want to learn more about lawn fertilization. This process involves the application of nutrient-rich materials on your turfgrasses and every other green thing that you’re trying to grow. It’s important to note that the fertilizers you see in the market contain various amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. In case you’re wondering, these are the key elements that are absorbed by the plants through their roots. You can also find other fertilizers that have magnesium and calcium in them.

What are the Different Types of Fertilizers?

The most common types of fertilizers used are called synthetic fertilizers that are available in granular and liquid forms. However, it’s easier to apply granular fertilizers compared to granular ones because they don’t require the use of expensive tools. In fact, if you have a rotary or drop spreader within reach, you’re all set. On the other hand, you’ll need to use a special type of equipment to apply liquid lawn fertilizers. Homeowners who intend to use the liquid variety usually leave this in the able hands of qualified and experienced professionals. Furthermore, you can also find fertilizers that are classified as “all mineral”. These are the ones that work to simultaneously release all of its elements upon the application of water. Moreover, other fertilizers are called “certified organic” simply because they’re made of all-natural, non-synthetic materials and they fertilize slowly.

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