Weed Control

Unruly weeds can be difficult to manage over time. O’Hara Pest Control keeps your property beautiful by maintaining all types of weeds. We are your experts for taming unwanted weeds!

What are Weeds?

Weeds are plants that are grown in controlled settings, and were not intended for growth in a particular area. They can be a nuisance because they are “growing in the wrong place”. There are many types of weeds that grow at certain times of the year; however, it can be uncontrollable if not treated.

If weeds continue to grow, unwanted insects can begin invading your property by calling weeds their home.

What We Do

Our weed control system involves an array of methods such as:

Chemical Control

  • Herbicides are used to treat aggressive weed safter they have been considered “invasive”.

Mechanical Control

  • Reduces the growth of weeds

  • Methods such as digging, and mowing slows down the growth process

Cultural Control

  • Involves reducing the amount of open space in a single area

  • Mulch can be used to keep weeds from growing

Are You Looking for Weed Control Services?

It is important that your weeds are professionally controlled as soon as possible. We not only control your weeds but keep them at bay from unwanted re-growth. Contact us today to get started!

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