Seeing one of those arachnids scurrying across your bedroom floor will definitely make you want to call for spider control West Palm Beach services as soon as possible. But did you know that not all of these eight-legged creatures can pose a threat to you and your family? Check out these dangerous spiders that you need to get rid of.

Black Widow Spider

This arachnid is can be easily identified by its round, shiny black coloring and the red hourglass marking that’s found on the underside of its abdomen. Although these are commonly found in the Southern and Western regions of the United States, it could also be anywhere across the country. They like hiding among rock or woodpiles as much as they like hanging out in garages, crawlspaces, and storage sheds. Bite symptoms include difficulty breathing, muscle cramps and weakness, headache, and a target-shaped sore.

Brown Recluse Spider

This brown long-legged spider that has a distinctive guitar-shaped brown spot toward the top of its head would rather avoid humans and other creatures. Usually found in the southern Midwest and Southeastern parts of the country, this arachnid tends to avoid humans and other creatures as well by secluding itself in neglected and quiet spaces. It has a venomous bite that could be potentially life-threatening if not immediately addressed. Symptoms of its bites include a blister at the affected site and infection.

Wolf Spider

This brown or gray two-inched wolf spider can be found throughout the United States. They aggressively hunt for food instead of building webs or waiting for their prey. You can find them under leaf or woodpiles outdoors, under your furniture and along your floorboards indoors. They have a venomous bite that causes swelling and persistent fever.

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