People who have a problem with rats and mice in their homes need to call for rodent control West Palm Beach services to keep their families safe. However, did you know that rats and mice have a sharp sense of smell? One way of keeping these pests from taking up residence in your home is to learn about the types of smells that they find dangerous or absolutely revolting. Here are some of them:


Peppermint doesn’t only make your house smell nice, but it also keeps the rodents away. Science proves that rats and mice tend to steer clear from the smell of peppermint. In fact, research shows that these pests tend to spend less time in places where the smell of peppermint is present. To keep rats and mice at bay, you can try using a peppermint spray at certain entry points to your home or plant mint in your garden. This will prevent them from setting up their homes in your yard.


Rats find the potent scent of the eucalyptus oil offensive. In fact, it prevents them from feeding, nesting or living in areas where the smell of eucalyptus permeates. Eucalyptus contains certain compounds that rodents hate. Studies show that spraying a solution with 20% eucalyptus oil is enough to repel these unwanted house guests. Moreover, rats even avoid food that is near the areas where the eucalyptus solution had been sprayed. You can choose to spray eucalyptus oil around your home. However, you’ll have to do this every day to keep the rodents at bay.


The smell can be off-putting to rats as much as it can be to mosquitos and other flying insects. Scientists confirm that a daily application of citronella can act as a natural rodent repellent. Furthermore, the smell decreases their appetite.

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