The smell of a dead rat in your home is something that you will never forget. Its disturbingly putrid odor is enough to disrupt your life for weeks or even longer and drive you to enlist the help of a rodent control West Palm Beach expert. When a dead rat’s body starts to decompose, a mix of chemicals that includes methane and sulfur dioxide gives off a rotting smell that would cause you to fear another infestation. There are certain conditions that also affect the process and may even make the odor more intense and nauseating. For instance, if the dead rat is stuck in areas that are exposed to moisture and humidity, the stench would worsen as it continues to stay ripe for a longer time. What can you do to get rid of the stench?

Find the Carcass

You’ll know where to find the carcass because the flies, beetles, maggots, and other insects will lead you there. As soon as you notice them in areas around your home, perform a sniff test to verify if the stench seems stronger on that spot.

Remove the Carcass

If you want immediate relief, remove the source and be sure to ventilate the area However, since rats are nocturnal creatures and they don’t just die in plain sight. They have the tendency to hide along cracks in the walls and other small spaces making them very difficult to remove.

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Hire a Rodent Control West Palm Beach Company

The best way to avoid the dead rat smell is to keep rats out of your home with the help of a rodent control West Palm Beach company such as O’Hara Pest Control. Contact us today!

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