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O’HARA PEST CONTROL’S EXTERMINATORS know the intricacies of the food industry. They certainly visit enough restaurants in West Palm Beach. That’s not to say that most establishments that serve food are unhygienic, but far from it. Those within such an industry are certainly aware of what flies with health inspectors. A major reason why so many of these establishments contact a rat exterminator in West Palm Beach is for routine rat control maintenance and rat removal.

Why Are Rats Common in West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach is widely known for the number of rats and rodents it contains. Ironically, the reason behind this is what also draws so many of the country’s great residents to West Palm Beach. Moderate winters and great summers are a blessing, both for fun activities and the region’s beautiful homes. O’Hara Pest Control’s team of rat exterminators is quite used to taking on rat and rodent infestations at residences and businesses such as the restaurant and food industry.

This is natural, as rats are quite good at finding ideal food sources. Not only do restaurants store a good amount of food for rats, but these places also throw a good amount of food out for rats. All the drains from multiple sinks and the sort certainly don’t help either, as some rats are known to enter a target area from the sewers.

Rats of nearly every size can generally wiggle through a doorknob-sized hole, and rats are quite quick on their feet. O’Hara Pest Control’s rat exterminators can certainly vouch for that.

When all is said and done, rats not only have a great incentive for entering a restaurant but also can find it quite easily. Not only are there usually multiple entrances to such establishments, but many restaurants generally share the building with other shops, offices, and perhaps other restaurants. While not a recipe for disaster, restaurant rows in West Palm Beach can certainly become hotspots for rat infestations.

Can Rats Enter Your Commercial Kitchen?

Most restaurateurs and employees are well aware of these scenarios. However, that does not mean they have the experience or knowledge to combat the rats, especially within a business setting. Many of O’Hara Pest Control’s rat exterminators would go so far as to claim that restaurant rat control is its own specialty. Sure, there are plenty of similarities between all types of rat pest control, but each of these also has its own intricacies.

While there are certainly commonalities within each instance of rat trapping or rat containment, there’s a world of difference for what should be emphasized and what is permissible. Residences, even apartments, are usually suitable for stationary rat poison or fumigation, but this is not ideal for restaurants. After all, these businesses have a whole world of food within the kitchen and plenty of cooking utensils.

Often, a serious rat infestation may actually be within the food pantry, such as bag of flour – yes, O’Hara Pest Control’s rat exterminators have also heard rumors about some of the West Palm Beach pizza places. Not that O’Hara Pest Control’s rat exterminators won’t lay poison if necessary. However, this is only in scenarios where all other options are moot – and there is a slew of other options.

West Palm Beach Rat Control

A rat exterminator in West Palm Beach will generally track a rat infestation to its source, thus enabling both the (hopefully) quick control of the given pest and continued effort for what all restaurants and other food purveyors benefit from- rat proofing.

Obviously, rat-proofing a restaurant is no easy task. There are plenty of factors that include entry points and incentives. The former is easy enough, and O’Hara’s rat exterminators can use a fine-tooth comb to remedy all potential entry points. Generally, this involves calking all cracks, placing secure grates onto any small entryways, installing unscented air filtration devices, and even spraying specific areas with rat poison and rat repellants.

However, eliminating incentives really depends on the employees keeping all food contained, all entries locked, making sure the garbage is secure, and more. Building these habits into employees can be a challenge for managers without a background in rat pest control and that is quite rare.

Are You Looking for a Rat Exterminator in West Palm Beach?

O’Hara Pest Control’s rat exterminators are quite used to working with residents and workers in West Palm Beach, Florida to keep rats at a minimum, particularly in cases of restaurant rat control. Call O’Hara Pest Controls team of rat exterminators in West Palm Beach at 561-655-9011.

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