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Whitefly Removal Service in West Palm Beach |

West Palm Beach pest control companies are in constant conflict with the dreaded whitefly. These lawns pests are known to have an insatiable appetite for all sorts of vegetation - at least on the surface. In fact, the whitefly comes in a number of different varieties, all with different plant preferences. O'Hara pest control in West Palm Beach is usually careful to identify subcategories of these pests, as this enables more effective control of whitefly outbreaks. Common whitefly types include:

  • Ash Whitefly- Perhaps one of the most prolific types of whitefly, this species is reviled within planting communities for the amount honeydew it excretes. Target plants include ash, citrus, toyon, and pomegranate. O'Hara pest control in West Palm Beach Florida always cautions that ladybugs should be facilitated to control this subspecies - these natural predators are known to feast on ash whitefly.
  • Citrus Whitefly- It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize why this variety is so endemic to the Citrus State. While very bad for citrus groves, the subtype also targets gardenia, ficus, and pomegranate plants.
  • Fig Whitefly- These whiteflys not only target fig trees, but also azalea. O'Hara pest control in West Palm Beach is well aware of the damage this variety can cause - figs are a common tree in South Florida. Combating this type of Whitefly can be ongoing, but facilitating beetles and parasite wasps is known to do the trick.
  • Greenhouse Whitefly- This type of whitefly is known to be very indiscriminate about which plants to feed on. While the name delineates the whitefly pest’s knack to target greenhouses, the variety can also be found outside. Parasites are a great way to eliminate the threat within green houses in West Palm Beach.

While these types of whitefly are typical within West Palm Beach Florida, O'Hara Pest Control is used to other whitefly varieties as well, including the woolly, iris, and mulberry whitefly. Controlling each of these types of pests can be tricky, as pesticides can only eliminate a single wave, not all future threats. O'Hara pest control in West Palm Beach uses both preventative and destructive means to contain the endemic whitefly problem - call 561-655-9011 or message OharaPestControl.comPest Control is a science that takes many years to learn. You have to learn and know the lifestyles of many creatures in order to control the whitefly pests. Whitefly Pest control wasn’t invented over night, in fact, it was invented hundreds of years ago to keep food safe from whiteflies. Pest control was absolutely necessary to early settlers. They practiced pest control to keep their food viable and fresh. Back then, a stick was a perfectly good way to kill pesky critters. Pest control is also a great way to prevent disease. Whiteflies can carry many diseases that will eventually get you sick or even kill you. Pest control can prevent disease that could cripple you. A West Palm Beach pest control professional from O’Hara can help you today. Give us a call at 561-655-9011 or visit our website at

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