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When and Why You Need to Fertilize Your Lawn

One thing that no homeowner in Florida should question is whether or not they need to fertilize. Fertilized soil leads to lush grass and beautiful flowerbeds. Discover the best time of year to fertilize your lawn, no matter where in Florida you till the land.

What’s Fertilizer?

Think of fertilizer for the ground and balanced diets for people; it provides the juice needed to grow optimally. After all, an organism can only grow as strong as the nutrients it consumes, which is why fertilizers are so important. Many Florida homeowners struggle with maintaining a consistent pH level. These fluctuations can profoundly impact the growth of whatever you’ve planted (veggies, flowers, grass). Consider professional lawn care treatment if your lawn isn’t as green or aesthetically pleasing as your neighbors. Our specialists will examine the dirt, find the soil needs, and formulate a tailored treatment specifically for your lawn. Truly, the grass can be greener on your side of the fence.

When and How Often to Fertilize

Two to five times is ideal for most yards around Florida. Never skip fertilizing in the spring and fall as the air temperature changes. Doing so at the turn of the season provides your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to continue growing and remaining a beautiful shade of green. Lesser critical times are in the dead of winter and summer, but optimal lawns require the extra effort – an effort not felt by homeowners who partner with O’Hara!

Time of year to fertilize your lawn

Remember the Best Time of Year to Fertilize Your Lawn!

While it’s true that many homeowners choose a DIY route, it can be a lot of guesswork for those who are uninitiated. There’s a significant difference between organic and synthetic fertilizers. Using the wrong blend can do more harm than good. If you’re looking to craft the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood, call O’Hara today for lawn, pest, and sprinkler services to eliminate all threats to your property!

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