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Pest Control West Palm Beach | The Worst Kinds of Bugs That Can Damage Your Lawn

Whether you like it or not, insects are all around us, especially in your lawn. Perhaps these creepy crawlies have been giving you a huge headache by damaging your outdoor space. Before you call for pest control West Palm Beach, it’s important to get to know the bugs that are bugging you and your lawn.

Sod Webworms

If you spot a wheat-colored moth when you mowing the lawn, you’ve officially seen an adult sod webworm. Note that the problem-causers aren’t the winged ones but those that are in their larval stage that comes out at night to feast on your lawn’s grass blades and entire stems. Since the damage they cause is often masked by the growth of new grass, you’ll only detect the extent of their infestation when you see the brown patches they leave behind.

Chinch Bugs

These are black surface feeders that are the same size as a pencil tip can be seen in large numbers from June to September. When you notice irregular patches of turf that take on a purple tinge before they eventually begin to wilt, turn yellow then brown, don’t automatically conclude that this was due to drought stress. Chances are, chinch bugs are having a party in your lawn.


These insects hide in the leaf litter along your lawn’s edge. They return to the lawn to lay eggs in springtime. The newly-hatched grubs that have copper-colored heads feed on the grass plants’ growing point. It’s a challenge to diagnose billbugs in your lawn because they’re extremely small and are only found within your lawn’s thatch layer.

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