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Exterminator West Palm Beach | Tell-Tale Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Since your cozy and comfy bed is your sleep sanctuary, the last thing you need is a bed bug infestation. These nasty creatures may not be a serious threat to your health, but the unpleasant red marks that they leave on your skin is enough to make you want to call a bed bug Exterminator West Palm Beach. However, if you’re still not fully convinced that you’re dealing with bed bugs, check out these signs of a bed bug infestation.

Small Reddish-Brown or Black Fecal Spots on the Bed

Since bed bugs hide during daytime, it will be a challenge to spot them. Thanks to the fact that these pests feed on your blood, you’ll know that they’re in your bedroom when you see the tiny blood stains that resemble rust spots on your bed linens, pillowcases, mattress tags, seams, and behind your headboards. Other potential hiding places include the carpet, buckling wallpaper, and anything other areas that are exposed to excessive moisture or heat.

A Strong, Musty Odor

Does your bedroom smell like a dirty locker room? In case you’re not aware, bed bugs release chemical substances called pheromones. When your nose detects a strong and unpleasant musty odor every time you get inside your bedroom, this means that a large number of bed bugs are releasing pheromones all over the place.

Molted Bed Bug Skins

As bed bugs mature, they shed their molt bed bug skins. If you see oval brown exoskeletons in your bed crevices or fabric folds, you can be sure that you have an infestation. You may also find unhatched pearl white sticky eggs that are clinging to your mattress seams or headboard area.

Itchy Red Bites

Keep an eye out for bed bug bites that appear as flat, red welts in small clusters or zigzag lines on your arms, shoulders or any skin surface that’s left uncovered while you sleep. If you have these burning and itching bite marks, don’t scratch them because doing so will cause bleeding and infection.

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