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Exterminator West Palm Beach | How to Spider-Proof Your Home

Nobody in their right minds would want to find spiders crawling around their house. However, this creepy crawly almost always find a way to infiltrate your home because they love the fact that it’s warm and dry – ideal for them to seek comfort. While you can always call your trusted pest exterminator West Palm Beach to get rid of these pesky pests for you, you can also take some simple precautions to keep these eight-legged critters from sneaking in. Check this out:

Get Rid of Spider Food

Spiders love to eat dead flies and every small crawling insect around your cellars, lofts, doors, and windowsills. It would also help if you limit your lighting because insects like moths, which are ideal spider prey, are drawn to the light. Unless you clear away any trace of spider food, these pests will love to party at your place.

Get Super Minty

If there’s one thing spiders hate, it’s peppermint oil. If you want to keep them away as soon as you can, have some peppermint oil diluted in water then spray it around your home.

Remove Webs

Perhaps the easiest way to stop the spiders from reproducing and lurking around your home is to check your ceiling and the corners of your picture frames or your mirrors for webs. As soon as you find these webs, remove them with the use of a soft duster or a vacuum cleaner.


In case you’re not aware, spiders love to seek refuge in clutter because of the nooks and crannies that they can hide in. Don’t let them tuck themselves away in your garden bags, firewood piles, and compost heaps – get rid of clutter as soon as you can.

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