Perhaps you’ve recently removed an old sweater from the storage, and you were shocked to find all those annoying holes on it staring back at you in jest. Those clothes-eating pests that steal your style are likely to blame. They may be tiny, but these culprits can cause damage to your favorite outfit that’s enough to force you to retire it. If you suspect any of these insects invading your closet, hire pest control West Palm Beach immediately before these pests can wreak havoc on your clothes:

Clothes Moth

The clothes moth larvae are the ones that have caused the holes on your shirt – not the adult clothes moths. Female adults lay about 100 to 200 eggs in areas where the hatched moth larvae can have ample food to eat. The clothes moth larvae eat keratin, which is a protein that’s present in animal-based materials.

Carpet Beetle

Similar to the clothes moth, the carpet beetle that chomps down your clothes are carpet beetle larvae that find animal-based materials hard to resist. The female carpet beetle lays approximately 100 eggs in places where the larvae have plenty of food to eat.

What Types of Fabrics to These Pests Attack?

Clothes moths mostly feed on fur, hair, feather, wool, and sometimes on leather, mohair, lint, and silk. Their larvae eat keratin, a protein that can be found in animal-based materials which include your hair, skin, and fingernails. However, they don’t ingest these things while these items are still attached to a live being. For this reason, your clothes are vulnerable to attacks because of your sweat or oils that may have soiled it.

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