Spotting a spider around the house can be very unnerving – which is why nobody wants to share their home with those eight-legged monsters. To keep them at bay, people hire professional pest control West Palm Beach service, providers. One of the spider species that gets evicted is the cheiracanthium inclusum, commonly known as the yellow sac spider.  

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Facts About the Yellow Sac Spider

It’s a Nocturnal Creature

Measuring at about a quarter of an inch in terms of length, there’s more to this pale yellowish-green spider than meets the eye. The yellow sac spider is a nocturnal creature that rests in a sac or a silken retreat during the day and it hunts at night.

Eats Other Spiders

Yellow sac spiders like to feed on small insects. It’s possible for these nighttime hunters to eat other spiders as well.

Bites Humans

In their attempts to search for prey, these yellow sac spiders could crawl onto people while they’re lying in bed or while they’re sitting on the couch. In these scenarios, the possibilities of being bitten by the yellow sac spider at least one or more times, are extremely high. in case you’re not aware, in the United States, yellow sac spider bites are more common than you think. In fact, these spiders account for more bites compared to any other spider.

Venom Produces Minimal Effects

Although the yellow sac spider’s venom doesn’t produce life-threatening effects, its bite can be incredibly painful. In most cases, a hard and reddened area with a white pustule forms at the bite site. If you’ve been bitten by a yellow sac spider, be sure to consult a physician.

Loves the Smell of Gasoline

In 2011, Mazda had to recall 52,000 cars because of the webs that were being built by yellow sac spiders in the emissions system.

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Hire a Pest Control West Palm Beach Service Provider

If you want to keep your home spider-free, the best thing you can do is to enlist the help of a trusted pest control West Palm Beach service provider like O’Hara Pest Control, call us now to schedule an inspection.

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