Did you recently find yourself waging a battle with some pesky pests on your boat? If you’re the proud owner of a yacht, a catamaran, or any type of marine vessel, you’ll want to make sure these unwelcome visitors are far away and kept at bay before there is a problem. You can be sure these crazy critters stay away from your boat with the help of qualified pest control professionals! Check out these Pest Control Tips for Boaters!

What are Pest Control Tips for Boaters?

What Boaters Should Do to Keep their Vessels Pest-Free

Carefully Inspect Incoming Items or Animals

Bed bugs are notorious for hitchhiking. They also often find their way into boats by taking a ride on your luggage. On the contrary, fleas can get onboard through animal hosts. So, you like to bring your faithful golden skipper on board? Make sure that guy is nice and clean.

Furthermore, cockroaches and ants can get on your boat by hitching a ride on your grocery bags or boxes. So, make sure not to bring any overly sweet or sticky food on board that will attract new friends.

Seal Possible Entry Points

Did you know that mice and rats can easily take up residence in your marine vessel when it’s docked on water or land? If your boat has a hole that’s about the size of a dime, be sure to seal it right away before rats and mice squeeze themselves through it!

Fun Fact: Rats are excellent swimmers and climbers. They can easily scale mooring ropes and chains. More so, they have an incessant need to chew through anything and everything. Once they get on board, they can potentially cause serious damage to your fixtures, fittings, and wirings. The damage they do can often lead to expensive repairs. In some cases, they can even pose a fire hazard.

Keep Your Vessel Clean

Since pests need food, water, and shelter to survive, be sure to keep your vessel clean and tidy! Regularly, remove all traces of food crumbs, standing water, and spillages. Store your food in sealed containers and observe proper garbage disposal.

What are Pest Control Tips for Boaters?

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