Although there are various types of rats across the United States, the two most common types you can find are the roof rat and the Norway rat. Both are often referred to as “Old World” rats because they were believed to be transported from Europe to North America many centuries ago. If you don’t want to share your home with an Old-World rat, be sure to hire a reliable provider of pest control services West Palm Beach to help you prevent a possible infestation. Meanwhile, check out these facts about a rat’s life:

Rats are Social Animals

Did you know that most rat families live together in nests? A dominant male, a few female rats, and young rats comprise a family. The alpha male is responsible for watching out for the whole bunch while he keeps the other male rats away from the females in his group. Depending on the availability of food and water sources, rat families move between multiple nests every now and then.

Female Rats Often Outlive Male Rats

The gestation period for most rat species is about 3 weeks. Furthermore, female rats can produce 6 to 10 pups at a single time. Their offspring are born blind and hairless and are weaned 3 weeks after they’re born. At 3 months, they become sexually mature.

Where You Can Find Their Nests

Norway rats seek out locations on the ground floor or even below it. On the other hand, roof rats build their nests at elevated areas that include shrubbery, trees, crawl spaces or attics. They select their nesting sites in places where water and food are abundant. Furthermore, when their supply of food and water becomes scarce, they’re willing to travel far away from their nests to get what they need or to patrol their territories.

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