Perhaps one of your greatest fears is the possibility of being bitten by a spider. The truth is, only a few spiders bite humans when they feel threatened. One of them is the black recluse spider. If you spot one in your home, be sure to contact a pest control Jupiter service provider to help keep these pests at bay. Meanwhile, read on to find out more about the brown recluse spider and its bite:

A Brown Recluse Spider’s Appearance

This type of spider can be tan or brown. You won’t miss the distinctive dark-colored violin marking behind its head.

What to Expect in a Brown Recluse Spider’s Bite

Most of their victims don’t know that they’re being bitten because the bite of the brown recluse spider is relatively painless. Except for the two puncture wounds that the spider’s fangs left behind, no other evidence of the bite presents itself. However, after a few moments, the victim may feel a slight stinging sensation in the affected area. Within several hours, severe pain and itching at the site of the spider’s bite will be felt accompanied by muscle pain, nausea, and fever.

The Bite

Furthermore, a dime-sized blister may begin to take form. Once the venom spreads, the wound will eventually develop into an open sore. The enzymes from the bite that were released into the victim’s body cause death to the skin and underlying tissue. At first, the affected area may have a bright red appearance until the skin that surrounds it turns black and blue because of the decaying tissue. When touched, the surface would feel stiff. In some cases, victims may experience a substantial loss of tissue and scarring. 

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The presence of a brown recluse spider in your home is a cause for alarm. To make sure that your home stays spider-free, hire a pest control Jupiter professional. Call O’Hara Pest Control today.

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