Knowing the enemy is one of the major principles that are being applied by men of war. After all, it’s impossible to conquer an enemy if you don’t know a thing about them. When it comes to pest control Jupiter, the same principle holds true. If you have tick issues in your home, you’ll need to know more about how these pests behave:

What are the Two Types of Ticks?

You’re probably aware that ticks can potentially transmit diseases when they suck the blood of the hosts they feed on. However, you probably don’t know that ticks come in two distinct types and each type has its own unique behavior patterns that can give you an insight into why some people don’t get bitten while others do.

Hard-Shell Ticks

These ticks manage to find their host through “questing”. This involves a tick crawling up onto long grass to perch itself on leaf edges as they wait for a potential host to pass by. They’re wired to sense color, heat, movement, and carbon dioxide that’s why they know how to locate their host. When they do, they extend their clawed front legs out to grab hold of their food source. Most feeding sessions can take place for hours to days around the host’s head, neck, armpit, and groin.

Soft-Shell Ticks

Although some soft-shelled ticks can quest, most of them don’t. Those that don’t tend to live in sheltered places such as animal nests and caves. They also find shelter around your beddings and they conduct their quick feeding sessions at night. In other words, soft-shelled ticks closely resemble bed bugs and fleas. It’s very difficult to get rid of these pests because once they’ve settled in, they don’t intend to leave.

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