As soon as you catch a cockroach’s stealthy and fast movement out of the corner of your eye, you start to panic. Unfortunately, the sight of this uninvited guest can send you into a tailspin – which is why you should let the professionals who are experienced at pest control for yachts West Palm Beach handle this problem for you. Meanwhile, here are a few tips on how to prevent those pesky roaches from getting onboard.

Don’t Allow Cardboard Bags, Boxes or Product Wrapping Aboard

In case you’re not aware, most cockroaches, both as insects and as eggs, get on yachts during any of your provisionings runs through grocery bags, boxes, product cardboard wrapping and even within fruit and vegetables. To keep this from happening, you’ll need to implement a policy that prohibits anyone from bringing cardboard bags, boxes or product wrapping into the vessel under any circumstances. Remember to get rid of all the cardboard packaging on the dock before it gets near your yacht’s cockpit. Also, never forget to have all fruit and vegetables washed before taking them aboard.

Anchor Offshore in Tropical Areas

Did you know that it would be easier for cockroaches to wander into your yacht if it’s along the dock lines from harbor walls or marina pontoons? To keep this from happening, have your vessel anchored offshore especially when you’re in tropical areas.

Wash Off your Shoes Before Getting on the Yacht

In some cases, cockroaches get into your vessel through your footwear. This mostly happens when you walk in areas where they’re usually found. Before you get back to your yacht, be sure to wash off the soles of your footwear using bleach water in case you’re carrying their eggs aboard.

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