Are you aware of the fact that over 500 million individuals from all over the world fear spiders? Pest control Boynton Beach companies get a lot of calls from homemakers who want to get rid of the spiders in their property. Although seeing these eight-legged creatures in certain areas around your home is enough to make your skin crawl, you might be surprised to find out that spiders play a critical role in the grand scheme of things. Check out these intriguing facts about spiders.

It’s Possible to Milk a Spider

You may think this is strange, but many people are in the business of milking spiders for their venom. Studies show that when spider venom is collected in large amounts, it can be used to treat chronic pain and other types of diseases. The unique molecular compounds found in a spider’s venom have proven medical benefits. However, milking spiders is far from being an easy task. For instance, it would take about a minute to milk one spider, and it takes approximately 50,000 to 100,000 milkings to obtain a gram of black widow venom.

Spider Silk is Much Stronger than Steel

Spider silk is known for its flexibility and strength. For this reason, people have been trying to harvest it since time immemorial. However, harvesting spider silk can be challenging because when spiders are placed in a crop together, they tend to eat each other. People who were successful in their attempt to collect spider silk were able to use it for producing fishing lines, bandages, etc.

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