If you’re like most people, you’d enlist the help of pest control Boynton professionals whenever you spot a spider somewhere around your house. However, no matter how much you hate these creepy arachnids, you have to admit that they’re amazing creatures. They have this uncanny ability to create highly elastic spider webs that feature the tensile strength of steel while retaining low density.

How Spider Webs are Made

It Starts Off as a Liquid Substance

Spiders naturally produce a special type of silk that’s made of protein fibers from sequences of amino acids alanine and glycine. Since the process of creating silk involves a lot of their energy and resources, spiders require consistent access to abundant protein sources. While the silk is being created inside the spider’s body, it starts off as a liquid substance. However, when it flows through ducts before it reaches the spider’s spinneret glands, spider cells remove the water out of the substance.

The Liquid Turns to Gel Before it Solidifies

By the time the substance reaches the glands, another duct introduces hydrogen into it to turn the substance into a gel. As soon as the gel is pulled out through the opening in the spider’s abdomen and is exposed to air, it hardens. Although all spider species have their own spinneret glands that allow them to squeeze out silk from their bodies, not all spiders build webs. However, those who do create different types of silk for different purposes – one of these purposes is to create webs for catching prey such as flies. They use their webs so that they won’t need to work too hard or wait too long to feed themselves.

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