Did you know that flea bites can be a potential health threat to humans and pets alike? These pesky little creatures can transmit diseases to you and to your family if you leave this pest problem unaddressed. It’s wise to hire a pest control Boynton Beach service provider if you suspect an infestation in your home – before it’s too late.

Fleas Can Bite Humans

Fleas feed on the blood of warm-blooded mammals which includes people and pets. These hitch-hiking pests can easily find their way into your home because they’re able to jump as high as 150 times their height to latch onto rodents that may infest your home, your pet dogs while they’re playing in the yard, your pant legs, picnic blankets or even your shoes. Furthermore, they like to infest in places where you or your pets rest including carpets and beddings. What’s more, they can rapidly multiply because female fleas can produce up to 500 offspring over the course of their 100-day lifespan

What Flea Bites Look Like

If you see a small, red bump that has something that looks like a halo around its bite center, you’re looking at a flea bite. These bites that usually appear in a straight line or in groups of three or four, are commonly found around the ankles, legs, groin, waist, armpits, and skinfolds of elbows and knees.

Flea Bites are Serious

Flea bites can transfer tapeworms, induce anemia, and cause serious allergic dermatitis to your pets. On the other hand, flea bites on humans can cause secondary bacterial infection due to excessive scratching. They can also potentially lead to transmissions of the bubonic plague and murine typhus to humans.

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