Unlike other spider species, wolf spiders don’t need to spin webs to catch their prey. Furthermore, instead of waiting for their food as most spiders do, wolf spiders like to stalk and hunt them. They look much like tarantulas but only smaller. If you have a wolf spider issue in your home, you’ll need to enlist the help of a pest control Boca Raton expert. In the meantime, here’s how you can identify a wolf spider.

How You Can Identify a Wolf Spider

Look for Their Key Characteristics

Wolf spiders are generally hairy and they can either be brown or gray in color. You may notice that their bodies have distinct lines or markings on them. In terms of length, females measure about 3 to 4mm while males are approximately 19mm long.

Check Out Their Eyes

A wolf spider’s eight eyes are arranged in three rows with four small ones comprising the first row and two large ones making up the second row. The two medium-sized eyes are found in the third row. You’ll notice that the two biggest eyes are found in the central portion.

Look for the Three Tarsal Claws

In case you’re wondering, a tarsal happens to be the first part of the arachnid’s leg. You’ll know that you’re looking at a wolf spider if you see three claws at the end of their legs.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Their Fangs

Did you know that wolf spiders have fangs that look a lot like pincers? Not only that, these fangs have a side-to-side orientation as well. However, this feature isn’t exclusive to wolf spiders because all spider species that belong to the infraorder Araneomorpae or the “true spider” have these pincer-like fangs as well.

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