It can be pretty challenging to know exactly when you should be fertilizing your lawn. You have to be familiar with your lawn’s natural growth cycle because it determines when you’re supposed to fertilize it. If you apply it at the wrong time, you can expect to get results that are the exact opposite of what you were hoping to get.

Fertilizing in the Spring, Summer, and Fall


Most people assume that their lawns don’t need to be fertilized in the spring. However, failure to do so is a huge mistake. If you want to establish an excellent lawn care regimen, make sure that the grass in your lawn has sufficient carbohydrate reserves. The slow-release fertilizer that you applied from the previous fall will only be enough to last until the early spring. This means that unless you apply fertilizer in the late part of spring, the carbohydrate reserves in the grass won’t be replenished. The moment the soil reaches 55˚ Fahrenheit, you’ll need to fertilize the grass. Do this around mid-April for most parts of the country or about the time when your lawn is showing its early signs of growth and when the flowers are starting to blossom. 


Restoring your lawn’s carbohydrate reserves in the latter part of spring will cause the grass to get through summer. However, keep in mind that the heat, drought, and regular mowing during the summer season can also do damage to the lawn. In other words, your lawn would need another round of fertilizer application in the late summer to help the grass get through the fall.


To get your lawn ready for the winter and to keep it nourished during its hibernation, you must apply a substantial amount of fertilizer in the latter part of the fall. 

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