It doesn’t matter if you spotted one in the kitchen, basement, attic, or dining room – finding a rat in your home can give you a feeling of unease unlike any other. For this reason, most homeowners enlist the help of a rat exterminator in West Palm Beach.

Rats are known for their uncanny ability to enter a home through holes and cracks as they seek shelter indoors during cooler months. Once they find their way inside, they can gnaw through electrical wires that can put your home at risk for fires. They can also carry disease-causing bacteria on their bodies that may contaminate your kitchen surfaces, equipment, and food sources.


How You Can Prevent Rats from Coming to Your Home

Fill All Cracks, Holes, and Gaps

Did you know that rats can manage to squeeze themselves through holes that are about the size of a quarter? It’s best to check your home for any holes that are of this size or even larger and seal them up with the use of appropriate materials including caulk, steel wool, hardware cloth, plaster, or cement. If you see any large cracks in your doors and windows, be sure to have them weather-stripped. 

Trim Shrubs, Trees, and Limbs

Although rats are known to be excellent climbers, don’t give them a chance to get to your house through untrimmed shrubs, trees, and limbs. It’s best to trim these back about 4 feet from your house. Those rats won’t be able to bridge that gap.

Avoid Feeding Them

In their search for food, rats won’t hesitate to invade a garbage can that’s been left open. Be sure to cover yours at all times. If you maintain a garden and some fruit-bearing trees, you must pick the fruits and vegetables as they ripen and pick up and compost those that have fallen to the ground.

If you have pets, remember to feed them during the day and avoid leaving leftover food lying around. Also, keep in mind that storing pet food in containers that aren’t rodent-proof is like a welcome mat for a rat.

Who is the best Rat Exterminator West Palm Beach?

Are You Looking for a Rat Exterminator West Palm Beach? 

The most effective step for stopping rats from invading your home is to schedule an inspection with professional rat exterminators at O’Hara Pest Control. Contact us today!

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