How to Know When to Call a Pest Specialist

When pests threaten to invade your home or commercial property, you wouldn’t want to waste your time and money on DIY methods. Do yourself a favor by grabbing your trusty smartphone and googling “pest control near me”. With the help of a specialist, you can be sure that your unwanted houseguests will be kept at bay.

When Should You Call a Pest Control Specialist?

You Experience Pest-Related Health Issues

Many of the creepy-crawlies that manage to find their way into your home can potentially pose a health risk for you and your family. Mice and roaches can cause major allergies and aggravate asthma. When these creatures move around your home and contaminate your food, cookware, and kitchen surfaces, they can spread germs that can make you sick.

You can’t just dilly-dally because the infestation won’t take care of itself on its own. You need to act quickly before the roaches, rodents, fleas, spiders or any other bug causes widespread illness in your home.

You Encounter Property Damage

If you encounter chewed upon wiring or something that has been gnawing on your walls, it’s time to call a pest control specialist. Ignoring these signs of pest-inflicted property damage can seriously affect the foundation of your property or cause electric fires.

You Spot Pest Droppings

You know you’re dealing with rodents if you notice droppings with pointed edges and wet urine spots in your pantry or kitchen. Compared to rodent droppings, cockroach droppings are smaller, slender with distinct ridges along their edges. Unless these pests are evicted by a professional, you’ll be putting yourself and your family’s health at risk.

Rustling and Scratching Sounds

The rustling and scratching sounds you hear while you’re lying in bed at night aren’t ghosts – they’re pests. You have rodents in the house if you hear scampering along the walls or across the ceiling. Destructive carpenter ants could also be responsible for the rustling sounds that are coming from inside your walls.

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